Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10 DCVG-112


The Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel Has Been Precision Perfected

With the Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel, go on a culinary adventure of accuracy and grace. This knife symbolizes excellent craftsmanship, cutting-edge technology, and unrelenting devotion to culinary excellence; it is more than just a kitchen tool. Thanks to its outstanding functionality and alluring style, this knife will take your culinary masterpieces to new heights.

AUS-10V Steel: Exceptional Quality

The excellent AUS-10V Steel blade is at the center of the Boning Knife Blue Handle. This blade material, renowned for its outstanding toughness and sharpness retention, is a natural monument to the craftsmanship involved in creating knives. The blade’s 13*2.5CM size and 2.0MM thickness create the optimal mix between flexibility and durability, making it the best option for precision boning operations.

The Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel superior toughness and sharpness

The Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel guarantees its resilience despite the most challenging culinary tasks with a core hardness of 60+/-2HRC. The V Taper Grinding improves its smooth cutting performance, and the sharpness level, set at a precise 15o angle on each side, ensures effortless cuts.

Comfort-Made: G10 Blue Handle

In addition to being a handle, the G10 Blue Handle is an extension of your cooking skills. You will have maximum control over your cuts thanks to this handle material’s well-crafted grip. Your kitchen essentials gain class and elegance because of its vivid blue color.


An individual touch: engraved name or logo

The Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel can be personalized to improve your culinary experience. With the help of our engraving service, you can have a beautiful engraving of your name or company logo done on the blade, turning this knife into a one-of-a-kind reflection of your culinary identity. It’s more than simply a piece of equipment; it’s an extension of your love and devotion for the culinary arts.

Unveiling Elegance: Packaging in a Giftbox

The Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel is shipped in a thoughtfully created Giftbox, ensuring that opening it is as memorable as using the knife. This packaging keeps your knife safe, elevates your culinary experience, and creates a sense of anticipation. It’s a thoughtful present that demonstrates your dedication to excellence.

Precision Without Limits

The Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel equips you to attain culinary perfection with each slice, whether performing delicate boning duties or making intricate cuts. You will have a tool that is not only dependable but also transformative in the kitchen thanks to its excellent craftsmanship and the unique qualities of AUS-10V Steel.

A Statement of Cuisine

The Blue Handle Boning Knife AUS-10V Steel is a culinary statement rather than merely a piece of equipment. Using this knife creates experiences, enhances flavors, and demonstrates your culinary prowess in addition to simply prepping the food. Every cut offers you a chance to demonstrate your culinary arts expertise.

A Hardness and Sharpness Symphony

The core hardness of 60-62HRC promises unwavering performance, not simply a figure. This knife is of high quality, as seen by its ability to keep its edge through numerous tasks. The blade’s 6-9N sharpness level demonstrates its elegance in effortlessly slicing through various components, and the V Taper Grinding guarantees a smooth cutting experience.

Your Identity as a Chef: Individualization

These words convey the promise of making your knife yours: Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost. Personalization aims to imbue the blade with your unique culinary personality. It goes beyond simply adding a name or brand. It’s a way to showcase your distinctive culinary style and enthusiasm, turning a tool into a work of art that captures your journey.

Set Out on a Gastronomic Adventure

You’re prepared to embark on a culinary adventure with the Boning Knife Blue Handle AUS-10V Steel by your side. This knife allows you to experiment with new tastes, methods, and recipes by making delicate fillets and accurately debone meats. Because of its perfect performance, you’re inspired to experiment with food and make memorable dishes.

A Tradition of Excellence

The Blue Handle Boning Knife AUS-10V More than just a tool, steel has a distinguished history. The knife will be passed down from one generation of chefs to the next because of its extraordinary characteristics and superb craftsmanship. It is proof of the continuing allure of fine culinary artistry and the lasting influence of innovation.

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Product Description
Item No.: DCVG-112
Name: Boning Knife 6 Inch VG10 Steel With G10 Handle
Blade Material: AUS-10V Steel
Blade size:Blade size:13*2.5CM,Thickness 2.0MM
Sharpness Level:15o degree angle per side
Handle Material: G10 Blue Handle
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost

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