Carving Knife Wood Handle 6″ DC-066


Combining precision and elegance with a carving knife wood handle

A Work of Art in Your Hands

Introducing our Carving Knife Wood Handle, an exceptional tool that combines accuracy, style, and practicality into one true masterpiece. This carving knife, made with extreme care, will raise the bar for your culinary abilities. Your complete control over each carving stroke is made possible by its flawless balance and ergonomic wood handle with rivets, which guarantees a comfortable and firm grip.

Carving Knife Wood Handle Unmatched Performance, Perfect Craftsmanship

This carving knife’s blade is made of 5Cr15 stainless steel, a sign of great quality and sturdiness. The simple carving and slicing made possible by the 2.5mm blade thickness and sanding craft finishing make this tool an essential addition to any roast or culinary dish. The 6-inch blade length achieves a perfect balance between precision and mobility.

The Magnificence of Pakka Wood

Our carving knife’s handle is made of excellent Pakka wood, prized for its durability, grace, and ergonomic appeal. The deep brown handle gives this already exceptional knife a bit of refinement. The rivets further increase the handle’s durability, making it a priceless addition to your kitchen.

Sunday Roasts and the Art of Cooking

Whether you’re a home cook preparing a Sunday roast for the family or a seasoned chef showing off your culinary skills, this carving knife is your ideal ally. With its accuracy and grace, you can easily cut through meat and poultry to produce flawlessly sliced servings that will wow even the most discerning guests.

An Individual Touch

At Di’Casteel, giving your culinary adventure a personal touch is important. Because of this, we allow you to have a name or brand engraved on your carving knife. It’s the ideal present for ardent home cooks, budding chefs, or anyone who values the elegance of handcrafted goods.

Master the Technique of Carving

With this Carving Knife Wood Handle, learn the skill of carving. Its flawless performance and design bring up a world of culinary options and let you carve with accuracy and delicacy. Enjoy the satisfaction of serving exquisitely carved dishes that showcase your love of cooking and your admiration for superb craftsmanship.

A Gift You’ll Keep Forever

Look no further if you’re looking for the ideal present for a foodie or a cooking connoisseur. Our Carving Knife Wood Handle is a gift that endures a lifetime, bearing the meaning of your kind act and guaranteeing continued culinary brilliance.

Improve Your Experience With Carving

Invest in a knife that exemplifies the ideal fusion of form and function to improve your carving experience. The Carving Knife Wood Handle makes your culinary creations more beautiful and gives you the freedom to venture into uncharted culinary territory. With this outstanding carving knife, up your carving game, make a statement in the kitchen, and embrace the joy of cooking.

The Precision of Culinary Art

A carving knife becomes a brush, and the ingredients are a canvas in the hands of a talented chef. Release your inner culinary artist and produce edible works that leave a lasting impression on everyone fortunate enough to sample them with the Carving Knife Wood Handle.

Your Gastronomic Adventure Waits

Set out on a culinary adventure that honours the craft of carving. As you explore your culinary pursuits’ tastes, textures, and fragrances, let the Carving Knife Wood Handle be your guide. With this superb carving knife, accept the artistry, embrace the performance, and raise your culinary.


Make Your Carving Knife Unique

Your Carving Knife Wood Handle can be personalized. You may completely personalize this knife by engraving it or make a one-of-a-kind gift for someone special. With personalized engraving, you may show off your creativity, honour certain occasions, or add a touch of elegance while making your carving knife unique.

Let Your Culinary Passion Run Wild

With the help of the Carving Knife Wood Handle, you may reignite your love of cooking and unleash your culinary creativity. Rekindle your love of cooking, the craft of presentation, and the gratification of making people happy with your culinary skills. Discover the difference that superior performance and craftsmanship make in your kitchen.

A Culinary Excellence Gift

Looking for a present that demonstrates your thoughtfulness? Our Carving Knife with Wood Handle is a present that embodies both the warmth of a thoughtful personal touch and culinary brilliance. This knife is ideal for celebratory occasions, special occasions, or just as a token of appreciation for a fellow food enthusiast.

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NameCarving Knife Wood Handle 6 inch
Blade material5Cr15 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood with rivets
Size6 inch,28.5*3.4cm
Blade thickness2.5mm
Blade finishedSanding craft
Net weightAbout 211g
Handle colorDeep brown
PackageGift box
We can engrave your name or logo on the blade