Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel DCVG-114


With the Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel, unleash excellence and precision.

The remarkable Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel is the marriage of culinary artistry and cutting-edge technology. This knife represents accuracy, performance, and the quest for culinary greatness; it is more than a tool. Thanks to its remarkable features and exquisite design, this knife is ready to play a vital role in your culinary journey.

The Art of Damascus Steel Unveiled

This remarkable knife’s blade is made of 67 layers of Damascus steel with a VG10 core at its core. Combining several layers improves the knife’s strength and longevity while producing a striking visual appearance. This blade is elevated by the Oil Furnace Vacuum treatment, which gives it increased toughness and durability to withstand the test of time and innumerable culinary experiences.

The Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel a Hardness and Sharpness Symphony

The Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel has a core hardness of 60–62 HRC, which is excellent and speaks to the steel’s durability and edge-retention abilities. The skilled V Taper Grinding method produces a Sharpness Level that is scored between 6 and 9 N. This knife smoothly cuts through meats and allows you to acquire the technique of boning thanks to its perfect edge angle of 15 degrees on each side.


The blade and handle are flawlessly balanced.

The Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel’s blade/handle size was carefully chosen to offer the best balance and control. The knife feels like a natural extension of your hand due to its 135mm blade and 120mm handle. The high-quality G10 handle, a substance renowned for its toughness and resilience to wear and tear, further enhances this balance.

Identity Personalization in Culinary Practise

Enhance your culinary endeavors by giving the Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel a unique touch. Your name or brand can be tastefully carved onto the blade using our complimentary engraving service, turning the knife into a distinctive reflection of your culinary personality. It’s more than a tool; it reflects your love of accuracy and commitment to the culinary arts.

One package for both presentation and protection

The Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel, delivered in a chic Giftbox, is more than simply a kitchen tool; it makes a fashion statement. An exciting time of expectation and wonder is the unwrapping process, which previews the gastronomic delights to come. The gift box makes it the perfect present for food lovers because it assures the knife’s security and enhances the display.

Unleash the Creative Potential of Food

The Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel encourages you to discover new realms of culinary inventiveness, whether filleting fish or deboning chicken. You have the tools necessary to make precise cuts and take your meals to the next level, thanks to its superb craftsmanship and the qualities of the VG10 steel. The knife becomes a dependable ally that helps you navigate the complexities of culinary creation.

Combining innovation and tradition

More than just a tool, the Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel is a synthesis of innovation and tradition. A knife that honors culinary tradition while embracing modern innovations is the product of its time-honored craftsmanship fusing with modern technology. You are not simply holding a utensil when you use this knife; you are also holding a piece of culinary heritage and a tool with limitless culinary possibilities.

Improve Your Culinary Experience

The Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel will elevate your culinary experience. Push the limits of your culinary prowess with its beautiful craftsmanship, cutting-edge features, and personalized touch. This knife is ready to become your companion in attaining culinary greatness, from precise cuts to gourmet marvels.

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Item No.:DCVG-114
Name:Japanese Boning Knife VG10 Steel
Blade Material:67 Layers Damascus steel VG10 Core,Oil Furnace Vacuum treatment
Core Hardness:60-62HRC
Sharpness Level:6-9N,V Taper Grinding
Blade/Handle size:Blade 135mm Handle 120 mm
Handle Material:premium G10
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost
Packaging:Giftbox Included.

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