Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver DCAVD-003


Utilize the Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver to Strengthen Your Adventures.

A Style and Preparation Tool

More than just a tool, the Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver represents readiness, toughness, and adaptability. This stylish and practical pocket knife offers everyday adventurers and outdoor enthusiasts the dependability of survival gear with a dash of style.

Designed for Style, Made for Survival

The Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver is a masterpiece of ingenuity and style, expertly crafted and stylishly designed. Its practical aspect is given a touch of sophistication by the black and silver color scheme, which makes it more than just a tool for survival but also a fashion statement.

Your ally in all circumstances

Whether going on an adventure, camping, or just going about your everyday life, this pocket knife is your ally. The blade is made of 440B stainless steel, renowned for its outstanding toughness and resistance to corrosion. It balances strength and accuracy perfectly because of its 7cm blade length and 2mm blade thickness.

Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver A Miniature Powerhouse

The Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver is a portable powerhouse that’s simple to carry wherever your adventures take you. It measures 16 cm and weighs only 105g. Please put it in your survival kit, clip it to your belt, or tuck it in a pocket. Its compact form makes sure you’re always ready without adding unnecessary weight.

Customize Your Friend

Use our engraving service to personalize the Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver. A personal touch like engraving your name, brand, or a special symbol makes an already great tool even more distinctive. What’s best? It can be personalized even more by engraving your name or company logo at no extra cost.

Keeping Form and Function in Check

Not just in its design but also in its characteristics, a valuable and fashionable balance is evident. The knife’s 9 cm handle length makes it easy to hold in your hand and offers a firm grip for activities requiring precision. Its strength is increased by the complete tang design, ensuring that it can withstand even the most difficult tasks.


Plan, Adapt, and Overcome

The Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver embodies the spirit of readiness. It serves as a reminder that every obstacle can be overcome with the appropriate methods and outlook. This pocket knife gives you the tools to plan, adapt, and prevail, whether setting camp, creating a shelter, or dealing with unforeseen circumstances.

A Considerate and Useful Gift

Are you trying to find the ideal present for an adventurer in your life? A wise pick is the Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver. It is a significant and practical gift because of its stylish design and excellent functions. Show your family members that you are concerned about their security and readiness.

Bring Out the Adventurer in You

Bring out your inner adventurer by carrying the Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver. Let it serve as a reminder that every day presents an opportunity for discovery, growth, and victory. With this instrument at your disposal, you’re not only ready for the adventure but also prepared to embrace it in style and with confidence.

Confidently Take on Adventure

With the knowledge that the Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver is your dependable travel partner, take on your upcoming excursion with assurance. It is a tool that is as distinctive as you are because it combines power, flair, and customizing choices. Prepare yourself for the unknown with a tool made for your success.

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Pocket Knife Survival Black-Silver DCAVD-003  
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16 cm
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2 mm
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