Hunting Knife Wood Handle DCADV-014


The Hunting Knife Wood Handle will let you unleash your inner hunter.

The Hunting Knife Wood Handle is more than just a weapon for people who enjoy the rush of the hunt; it represents your spirit of adventure. This knife is your reliable outdoor ally because it was precisely crafted and is built to last.

Made with the wilderness in mind

The Hunting Knife Wood Handle, which measures an astonishing 32 cm, is a statement of strength and usefulness. It has a strong 440B stainless steel blade that is prepared to face nature’s most difficult obstacles. This knife is a necessity for any outdoor enthusiast, whether they choose to skin animals or set up camp.

A Handle That Demonstrates Your Enthusiasm

The hardwood grip of this hunting knife is what distinguishes it. Steel was used in its creation, offering a solid grip and showing your strong ties to the wilderness. The handle’s ergonomic design and natural touch make it a pleasure to grasp and guarantee comfort throughout prolonged use.

The Hunting Knife Wood Handle  both accuracy and versatility

The Hunting Knife Wood Handle has a blade length of 19 cm and a thickness of 3 mm and is the ideal combination of accuracy and adaptability. Cleaning and precise cuts are possible thanks to the strength and sharp edge of stainless steel. This knife delicately performs every task, from field dressing to food preparation.

Made it unique

Use the engraving feature to give the Hunting Knife Wood Handle a personal touch. This knife becomes a prized asset thanks to the personalized touch, which can be your name, a logo, or a special symbol. It allows you to leave your mark on a tool that participates in your outdoor excursions.

Design for Endurance

The ergonomics of the 13 cm steel handle were considered throughout the design. Its length and form guarantee a comfortable grip that reduces hand fatigue and enables you to work precisely, even for prolonged periods. This careful attention to detail distinguishes the knife as a dependable hunting partner.


Taking on the Wild’s Weight

The Hunting Knife Wood Handle, which weighs 339g, is durable enough to handle difficult jobs without sacrificing maneuverability. Because of its balanced weight may be used for a range of tasks, from fine cuts to more difficult jobs.

An Adventure Gift

The packaging for the Hunting Knife Wood Handle conveys the item’s importance. The packaging improves the overall experience, ensuring that the thrill and anticipation of adventure are kept, whether you’re giving it as a present to a fellow hunter or adding it to your collection.

In conclusion:

the Hunting Knife Wood Handle continues your spirit of exploration and is more than just a tool. It becomes the perfect hunting adventure companion because of its accuracy, customization, and attractive look. Allow the toughness of the stainless steel and the coziness of the oak handle to serve as a constant reminder of your close relationship to nature and the excitement of the hunt as you go through the woods.

Respecting the Past, Accepting the Future

The Hunting Knife Wood Handle honors the time-honored hunting custom while incorporating cutting-edge design ideas. It serves as a tool that connects different generations of outdoor enthusiasts because it combines rustic appeal and modern practicality.

Give the spirit of exploration.

You can sense the weight of history and the promise of infinite adventures as you hold the Hunting Knife Wood Handle. This knife is a friend that captures the untamed spirit and the excitement of exploration, whether you’re a seasoned hunter or a new explorer. The Hunting Knife Wood Handle is more than just a weapon; it symbolizes your devotion to nature. It is a prized treasure for any outdoor enthusiast because of its sturdy construction, unique touch, and clever design components. Let this knife serve as a reminder as you wield it amid the splendor of nature, the endless tales waiting to be told, and the unforgettable experiences that await you on your exploration voyage.

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Hunting Knife Wood Handle DCADV-014  
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32 cm
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3 mm
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