Outside Pocket Knife DCAVD-005


The versatile outside pocket knife will let you embrace outdoor adventures.

Activate the Outside Pocket Knife’s Power

When exploring the expansive outdoors, you need a trustworthy friend capable of handling many activities. The Outside Pocket Knife is a multipurpose, rugged tool to improve your outdoor experience. This pocket knife is a crucial addition to your equipment collection thanks to its superb design, flawless manufacturing, and valuable functions.

Every Outdoor Enthusiast Needs This Versatile Tool

The Outside Pocket Knife is a must-have item that ensures you’re always prepared, whether you’re a devoted camper, an enthusiastic hiker, or enjoy exploring outdoors. This 23cm pocket knife is an excellent option for outdoor activities since it finds the optimal mix between portability and functionality.

Built for Performance and Durability

The Outside Pocket Knife is made to withstand the rigors of the outdoors from 440B stainless steel, known for its remarkable strength and corrosion resistance. No matter how challenging your experiences, the blade will remain trustworthy and sharp because of its stainless steel design.


The Outside Pocket Knife  One Complete Solution

This pocket knife’s 10cm blade measures 2mm thick, and it is made to be versatile. The Outside Pocket Knife is up to the challenge whether you’re carving wood, chopping meals, cutting ropes, or taking on any other outside task. Its complete tang construction increases its longevity, giving you a tool to handle any problems you run against.

For Comfort and Control Only

The Outside Pocket Knife’s steel handle is designed for a safe and comfortable grip. You will have complete control over your motions and be able to make accurate and effective cuts with a handle length of 12 cm. This knife offers comfort and control regardless of whether you’re working on small or complicated projects.

Add Your Touch

Utilize our engraving service to give your Outside Pocket Knife a unique design. Give your instrument a special touch by engraving your name or brand on the blade. Engraving gives your pocket knife an additional layer of meaning, whether as a present for another adventurer or as a reminder of your love of the great outdoors.

Lightweight and ready for travel

The Outside Pocket Knife is portable and lightweight, weighing only 198g. It is a small tool prepared to travel with you on your adventures. Slip it into your pocket, fasten it to your belt, or keep it in your outdoor equipment. Because of its portability, you can always be prepared to face challenges in the great outdoors.

An Essential for Every Outdoor Adventure

The Outside Pocket Knife is prepared to be your dependable travel companion no matter where your outdoor adventures take you. With this knife, you’ll be ready for any situation, from setting up camp to making shelters, tools, and even food.

The Perfect Gift for Fans of Nature

In search of the ideal present for an outdoor enthusiast? The Outside Pocket Knife is a deft, helpful, and significant decision. This pocket knife is a thoughtful gift that will be welcomed by everyone who enjoys outdoor exploration, regardless of their level of experience.

Improve Your Outdoor Adventure

The Outside Pocket Knife is a multipurpose tool that will improve your outdoor experience because it is as daring as you are. For any outdoor enthusiast, its strength, adaptability, and personalized features make it a priceless asset. Give yourself a tool prepared to overcome nature’s obstacles and improve your excursion through the vast outdoors.

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Outside Pocket Knife DCAVD-005  
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23 cm
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2 mm
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