Outdoor Knife Curved 5’5 DC-102


Take the Outdoor Knife Curved into the Wilderness in step one.

Let Your Adventuresome Spirit Free

The Outdoor Knife Curved is a multifunctional friend that inspires your sense of adventure and gives you the confidence to enjoy nature. This fixed-blade knife was made with durability and accuracy in mind and is intended for outdoor lovers, hunters, and explorers seeking dependability and performance.

Unwavering Full Tang Design

With a complete tang construction, the Outdoor Knife Curved offers increased strength and stability for demanding outdoor applications. This knife provides uncompromised performance to match the demands of the environment, whether you’re preparing a campfire feast or skinning a just-caught game.

Robust Stainless Steel Blade

The Outdoor Knife Curved’s blade is made of high-quality 4Cr13 stainless steel and is designed to withstand the environment. This knife offers excellent cutting ability and resists wear with a 2.7mm blade thickness, ensuring it will be your dependable outdoor friend for years.

Personalized Content for the Bold

You can make it truly special by having your name or brand engraved on the Outdoor Knife Curved’s blade. Personalization gives your outdoor gear a unique flair, turning this knife into a representation of your adventurous nature and love of discovery.

The Wenge Wood Handle’s Artistry

The Outdoor Knife Curved’s handle is expertly fashioned from wenge wood, prized for its vibrant color and eye-catching grain pattern. In addition to adding aesthetic appeal, it offers a cozy and safe grip, enabling you to use the knife with assurance and accuracy.

Your Requisite Outdoor Friend

The Outdoor Knife Curved, at 5.5 inches, hits the ideal chord between portability and usefulness. Its 154g weight makes it easy to carry, and its curved blade excels at chores like deboning and skinning games and other outdoor activities.

Outdoor Knife Curved Master Nature’s Outdoors

You can confidently take on the wild outdoors with the help of the Outdoor Knife Curved. This knife is your dependable companion, prepared to help you with various outdoor activities, from camping and trekking to hunting and survival scenarios.

Exceptional Versatility

The Outdoor Knife Curved continues to be your adaptable tool for numerous jobs as you explore the Wilderness. Its curved blade makes precision skinning and filleting of wildlife easier, while its razor-sharp edge easily cuts through branches and ropes.

Accuracy and Reliability

Precision and dependability are crucial in the erratic Wilderness. With its sturdy construction and superior craftsmanship, the Outdoor Knife Curved rises to the occasion and guarantees it will remain trustworthy and sharp when needed.

Accept the Call of Nature

With the Outdoor Knife Curved by your side, you can answer the call of the wild. Enjoy the splendor of nature while being confident that you have a reliable tool to meet any obstacles that may arise.

A Memories Expedition

Each outdoor adventure leaves behind priceless memories. Your daring journeys and extraordinary exploits are preserved in the Outdoor Knife Curved, which transforms into more than just a tool.

Use the Outdoor Knife to Cut Your Way

The Outdoor Knife Curved becomes an extension of you as you explore the environment, tracing a path of tenacity, tenacity, and connection with nature. With a knife representing the spirit of adventure and embarking on a voyage of discovery and exploration, embrace the great outdoors.


Reliable and Sturdy Companion

The Outdoor Knife Curved is a challenging and trustworthy travel companion for outdoor adventures because it was built to endure the worst weather conditions. It is a reliable tool that won’t disappoint you because of its solid full-tang design, corrosion-resistant stainless steel blade, and ability to take on challenging tasks without flinching.

Bring Out the Explorer in You

You may let out your inner explorer and explore more of the Wilderness with the Outdoor Knife Curved. This knife gives you the self-assurance to explore the great outdoors and have priceless experiences, from cooking meals over the campfire to navigating through dense vegetation.

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NameOutdoor Knife Curved 5’5 inch
TypeFixed blade
Tang styleFull tang
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
PersonalizeEngrave includes Name/Logo
Blade thickness2.7mm
Handlewenge wood
Size5.5 inch
Net weight154g
ApplicationOutdoor, hunting, slaughter skinning, deboning, etc.

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