Outdoor Axe Viking Limited DC-115


With the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition, experience the Limitless Adventure.

Embrace the Viking Spirit with Every Swing.

It introduces the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition , a symbol of courageous strength and untamed grace. This axe, made for outdoor lovers, explorers, and thrill-seekers, is more than just a tool; it represents your love of the great outdoors. Let’s explore the characteristics that distinguish the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition and make it a beloved travel companion.

Taking up the Challenges of Nature

The 4Cr13 stainless steel blade is the essential component of the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition. This high-performance substance is made to handle nature’s most complex challenges. Its 4mm blade thickness makes it a handy tool for outdoor adventures because it easily cuts through branches, firewood, and more. With this axe, you can construct a shelter or set up camp.

Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Enhance with Individualization

You can make the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition memorable by engraving your name or company logo on the axe. Thanks to this unique touch, the axe becomes a priceless object representing your identity and love of exploration. What’s best? Your limited edition axe is made even more distinctive by the free engraving.

Complete Protection

The Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition is delivered in a reliable Kraft box to ensure its preservation and appearance. The box emits an impression of authenticity and quality, whether you’re giving it as a gift to another intrepid person or adding it to your collection of outdoor equipment. Feel the excitement of the countless adventures that await as you unpack the axe.


Precision Ergonomic Design

The Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition’s complete tang design provides stability and control with each stroke. The Pakka wood handle material connects with the rustic appeal of outdoor life and offers a comfortable grip. The axe’s net weight of 340+30g balances strength and portability, enabling you to use it efficiently in various circumstances.

Bring Out the Viking in You

The axe’s Viking Limited Edition etching reminds us of the pioneering and bravery that characterized the Viking age. It’s a tribute to those who took on risky journeys and bravely faced the unknown. You are not simply carrying an axe when you use the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition; you also have a piece of history and a representation of your desire to explore uncharted territory.

Flexibility for Outdoor Adventures

The Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition is a multifunctional companion for outdoor adventures, from wood splitting to carving tools. It is a crucial tool for survival, camping, and bushcraft due to its accurate cutting ability and sturdy blade thickness. With this axe by your side, you are prepared to survive in the woods.

Workmanship That Speaks for Itself

The Limited Edition Outdoor Axe Viking exhibits the skill of artisans who know the requirements for outdoor tools. The talent that went into its design is evident in the flawless fusion of aesthetics and utility. A tribute to the Vikings’ tradition of exploration and discovery is made with each swing of the axe.

Activate Your Adventure Spirit

More than just an axe, the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition is a representation of your uncompromising spirit of exploration. This limited-edition axe captures the essence of outdoor living, whether exploring your surroundings, setting up camp, or traveling into the wilderness. Accept the force of accuracy, the attraction of customization, and the limitless energy of nature. You are not merely exploring when you have the Outdoor Axe Viking Limited Edition in your hands; instead, you are channeling the legacy of the Vikings and blazing new trails in the realm of adventure.

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NameOutdoor Axe Knife with Nylon Sheath
Blade Material4Cr13 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood
Tang styleFull tang
Blade thickness4mm
Net weight340+30g
Sheath materialnylon
Size22*8.8cm, blade length: 11cm
PackageKraft box
PersonalizeWe can engrave your name or logo on the knife

*The price includes the engrave