Hamokiri Knife Lions Family DC-107


Experience the Hamokiri Knife’s Majesty: A Celebration of the Lions Family Legacy

The Hamokiri Knife Lions Family emerges as a sign of strength and accuracy in the world of culinary art. This beautifully detailed knife pays respect to the majestic lions, emulating their power and camaraderie. You join a multi-generational legacy when you use this blade.

Making the Craftsmanship Visible

The blade of the Hamokiri Knife is made of 3Cr13 stainless steel, which offers remarkable toughness and sharpness. This knife, which has a 3mm-thick blade, glides through a variety of foods, from vegetables to meats, with ease and consistently produces perfect cuts. The Pakka wood handle not only has a beautiful appearance but also provides a secure grip that makes it simple to control the knife’s force.

Adding a Personal Touch

By giving your Hamokiri Knife a unique design, you may improve your culinary experience. The blade can be made a one-of-a-kind work of art that expresses your uniqueness by having your name or brand engraved on it. This etching, which is included with the knife, symbolizes a special bond with your dining partner.

Hamokiri Knife Lions Family Weight and Size

The 34.3*4.8cm and 19cm of the Hamokiri Knife Lions Family blade length strike the ideal mix between adaptability and control. This knife easily adjusts to your cooking needs whether you’re slicing, dicing, or chopping. The knife’s design offers ideal handling and mobility with a net weight of 239g.

Accept the Culinary Journey

With the Hamokiri Knife Lions Family as your dependable ally, enter the world of culinary expertise. It is a benchmark for quality in the kitchen because of its superb design and thorough construction. This knife is your companion in culinary experiences, whether you’re preparing meals regularly or showing off your abilities on special occasions.

A Strong and Accurate Blade

The 3Cr13 stainless steel blade of the Hamokiri Knife Lions Family epitomizes both power and accuracy. Its 3mm thickness ensures durability and robustness, enabling you to confidently handle even the most difficult ingredients. Each cut is completed with ease because of the meticulously maintained sharpness of the blade’s edge.


Keeping the Legacy Alive

You continue the heritage of the lions—the ultimate representation of valor, teamwork, and familial strength—with each slice. The Hamokiri Knife Lions Family captures the essence of these magnificent creatures, enabling you to impart the same attributes into your culinary masterpieces.

The Ideal Gift

The Hamokiri Knife Lions Family is ideal for both budding chefs looking for the best cooking tool and those looking for a thoughtful present. It is a treasured addition to any kitchen thanks to its intelligent design, customized engraving choice, and superb craftsmanship.

Embrace Excellence and Tradition

More than just a cooking tool, the Hamokiri Knife Lions Family is a symbol of excellence and history. This knife becomes an extension of your love of cooking because of its flawless integration of artistry and utility. Let the Hamokiri Knife guide you as you embrace the lion’s spirit, the culinary adventure, and both.

A Gift with Meaning

The Hamokiri Knife Lions Family is a thoughtful present for everyone who enjoys cooking, whether they are seasoned chefs or novice home cooks. It is a treasured addition to any kitchen thanks to its clever design, unique engraving option, and superb quality. It represents history, talent, and passion rather than simply being a knife.

Embrace the spirit of the lion.

The Hamokiri Knife Lions Family is a call to embrace the lion’s spirit, which is the personification of strength and grace. By channeling the strength and cohesion that these magnificent beasts stand for, this knife enables you to produce culinary wonders. As you go out on a journey of flavor, custom, and invention, let the Hamokiri Knife be your traveling partner in the kitchen.

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NameHamokiri Knife Lions Family 8inch
Blade Material3Cr13 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood handle
Blade thickness3mm
PersonalizeEngrave Includes Name/Logo
Size34.3*4.8cm, blade length:19cm
Net weight239g

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Weight1 kg