Heavy Butcher Knife 10″ DC-072


Unleash Your Culinary Prowess with the Heavy Butcher Knife Set

Welcome to a world of precision and power in your kitchen with our Heavy Butcher Knife . This set includes a versatile 10″ bone knife designed to handle the most demanding cutting tasks easily. Crafted from premium 4Cr13 stainless steel, these knives ensure superior sharpness, durability, and resistance to rust. The complete tang construction and robust 4.8mm blade thickness provide a secure grip and unmatched strength. The yellow pear wood handles add a touch of elegance to these formidable tools. Get ready to elevate your cooking experience with these heavy-duty, professional-grade butcher knives.

When tackling challenging kitchen tasks like boning, slicing, and dicing, a reliable and sturdy butcher knife is a must-have in every chef’s arsenal. The Heavy Butcher Knife  is a perfect choice for both professional chefs and cooking enthusiasts looking to prepare their culinary masterpieces effortlessly.

Superior Quality Craftsmanship

Our Heavy Butcher Knife is crafted from high-quality 4Cr13 stainless steel, known for its exceptional strength and corrosion resistance. The blades are meticulously forged to ensure lasting sharpness and precision cutting performance. The complete tang design guarantees optimal balance and control, allowing you to maneuver the knives with ease and confidence.

Versatile 10″ Bone Knife

The star of this set is the versatile 10″ bone knife, a true workhorse in the kitchen. Its long, narrow blade is designed for intricate tasks like deboning meat and filleting fish. The fine edge ensures clean and precise cuts, making it a favorite among professional butchers and chefs. Whether you’re preparing a roast for a family gathering or a delicate fish dish for a special occasion, the 10″ bone knife will effortlessly meet your culinary needs.

Elegant Yellow Pear Wood Handles

Aside from their impressive performance, our butcher knives are also visually stunning. The handles are made from yellow pear wood, known for its beautiful grain patterns and rich colors. The ergonomic design offers a comfortable grip, reducing hand fatigue during extended use. Each handle is carefully contoured to fit perfectly into your hand, providing a natural extension of your arm for seamless cutting motions.

Perfect Balance of Form and Function

The Heavy Butcher Knife Set strikes the perfect balance between form and function. While the knives are built for heavy-duty use, they also add an elegant touch to your kitchen with their timeless design. Whether you’re a professional chef outfitting your culinary workstation or a home cook looking to upgrade your kitchen essentials, this set will surely impress.


An Unbeatable Culinary Partner

The Heavy Butcher Knife is your ultimate culinary partner, from filleting fish to trimming meat. Its exceptional sharpness and precision make it a joy to work with, while its robust construction ensures it will withstand the test of time. The knives are also easy to maintain, as the stainless steel blades resist stains and are simple to clean.

Personalization Options

We offer personalization options to make your Heavy Butcher Knife genuinely unique. Engrave your name or logo on the blade, and the knives will become indispensable kitchen tools and cherished possessions with sentimental value.

In Summary

The Heavy Butcher Knife epitomizes quality, performance, and style. Whether you are a professional chef or a cooking enthusiast, these knives will elevate your culinary experience. Invest in this exceptional set and embark on a culinary journey where precision meets power, and your culinary creations become true works of art.

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Product Details
NameHeavy Butcher Knife
Set include10” bone knife
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
Handle materialYellow pear wood
Tang styleFull tang
FeatureSuper sharp, anti-rust, durable, lasting sharpness
Blade thickness4.8mm
Net weight885g

Additional information

Weight1 kg