Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle DCVG-019


Unveiling Culinary Precision: VG10 Pakka Handle Boning Knife

Excellence and precision are crucial in the world of culinary arts. These characteristics are embodied in the Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle, which provides you with a functional and stylish tool. This knife, made with extreme care and attention to detail, is intended to improve your cooking abilities.

Excellent Blade: Damascus VG-10 Steel Core

The Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle’s blade is its beating heart. This blade’s Damascus VG-10 Steel core gives it outstanding strength, longevity, and a stunning appearance. The blade is a work of art that you can proudly use because of the exceptional craftsmanship and top-notch materials used to create it.

Sharpness and Blade Size for Precision Mastery

The 143*25mm blade size proves that every detail of this knife was carefully considered. The blade’s 2.0 mm thickness achieves the ideal balance between strength and mobility. You can easily cut through meats and delicate foods because of the sharpness level, which is sharpened to a 15-degree angle on each side.

Strong and Lightweight: Weight and Handling

The Boning Knife, VG10 Pakka Handle, is designed to extend your hand and weighs only 95g. Its lightweight design makes it simple to maneuver, guaranteeing that every cut is made precisely. It’s a pleasure to use because of the expertly distributed weight, which gives you the control required for challenging tasks.

Pakkawood: A Handle of Distinction

This Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle is more than just a handle; it embodies style and usefulness. It is made of Pakkawood, a substance renowned for its tensile strength and moisture resistance. Your kitchen tools gain a touch of refinement and offer a firm grip. It demonstrates your dedication to excellence in all facets of your culinary journey.

Personalization for a Reason

These phrases, “Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost,” suggest more than just individualization; they stand for the distinctive touch you may provide your menu. This knife becomes especially yours when you engrave your name or company logo on the blade. It’s a chance to show off your uniqueness and enthusiasm for cooking.

Elegant Presentation: Packaging in a Giftbox

The Boning Knife, VG10 Pakka Handle, is packaged in a Giftbox, improving the item’s value and presentation. The packaging provides a special touch of consideration, whether you’re giving it as a gift to a friend who enjoys cooking or keeping it for your collection. When you open the box, you find more than just a knife; you also find an experience that matches the level of excellence you expect from your culinary endeavors.

The Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle Boost the Power of Your Food Creations

More than just a tool, the Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle serves as a spark for culinary innovation. Due to its adaptability, it is a must-have tool for activities ranging from precise trimming to deboning. With each cut, you’ll enjoy the effortless glide and unmatched control that a well-made knife can only offer.

Creating a Legacy in Food: Crafted to Last

The Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle, is an investment in durability. Because of its superb craftsmanship, it will accompany you on all of your culinary experiences. You’re not simply giving away a knife when you pass it down through the generations; you’re also leaving a legacy of enthusiasm, accuracy, and a love of cooking.

Improve Your Dining Experience

The Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle, is more than a tool; it represents your commitment to excellence and an extension of your creativity. You’re creating more than just a dish with each slice; you’re creating a social experience that pleases the senses. With a knife that represents excellence in every way, it’s time to upgrade your culinary adventures.

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Product Description
Item No.:DCVG-019
Name:Boning Knife VG10 Pakka Handle
Blade Material: Damascus VG-10 Steel Core
Blade size:Blade size:143*25MM,Thickness:2.0MM
Sharpness Level:15o degree angle per side
Handle Material:Pakkawood
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost

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