Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood DC-143


Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood  Unveiling Culinary Excellence

Precision and artistry go hand in hand with culinary excellence. The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood, a culinary masterpiece that redefines the pleasure of chopping, is proudly offered. This knife, which was meticulously made, combines unmatched practicality with flawless design. Let’s explore this remarkable cooking tool’s nuances and salient characteristics.

Enhancing Comfort and Aesthetics: Octagon Olive Wood Handle

The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood stands out and demonstrates the brand’s dedication to comfort and beauty with its distinctive octagonal olive wood handle. In addition to providing a firm grip, the handle’s exceptional design gives your kitchen a touch of class. Each handle is unique due to the olive wood’s inherent variances.

High-carbon stainless steel 440C ensures accuracy in every cut.

This knife’s carefully designed blade, made of 440C high carbon stainless steel, is its vital component. This material selection guarantees excellent sharpness, durability, and corrosion resistance. The blade’s core hardness of 58+/-2HRC ensures its longevity and is a dependable partner for years.

Korouch Finish with Distal Taper Grinding: Unveiling Uniqueness

The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood blade has a Korouch finish, giving it a distinctive look. This finish contributes to its overall performance and improves its aesthetic appeal. The blade’s distal taper grinding guarantees a razor-sharp edge with a 12-degree angle on either side, allowing for accurate cutting and simple slicing.


An Elegant Handle: Natural Olive Wood

The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood’s handle is in and of itself a work of beauty. It connects with the splendor of nature because it is made of natural olive wood. The handle’s octagonal shape makes it comfortable from an ergonomic standpoint and highlights the beautiful patterns in the wood. This harmonious combination of form and function improves your cutting experience.

Beyond Boundaries Personalization: Engraving Name/Logo

Di’Casteel elevates personalization by providing complimentary blade engraving of your name or logo. Your Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood will now have this particular element that gives it a distinguishing touch and reflects your flair. More than mere personalization, engraving is a declaration of pride and ownership.

An Exemplary: Giftbox Packaging

The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood is no exception; every masterpiece requires a good display. It is the perfect choice for gifting because it is tastefully presented in a gift box. The packaging of this knife emphasizes its relevance, whether you’re a professional chef, a home cook, or a food lover.

The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood Boost Your Culinary Adventure

The Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood goes beyond standard kitchenware. It is the epitome of accuracy, creativity, and craftsmanship. Thanks to its adaptable design and high-quality materials, it may be used for various household activities, from carefully chopping herbs to precisely slicing vegetables.

This knife is more than simply a piece of equipment; it represents your love of cooking. For chefs and home cooks, the smooth fusion of olive wood, korouch finish, and high carbon stainless steel delivers a memorable experience. You’ll go on an unparalleled culinary exploration voyage with the Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood.

Declare Excellence Now

Utilize the Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood to taste the height of culinary expertise. Everything about this knife oozes brilliance, from its unique design to unmatched performance. Use a tool representing your commitment to the culinary trade to elevate your cooking endeavors. Make the right choice and take your culinary expertise to new heights with the Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood.

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Item No.:Nakiri Knife Oliva Wood DC-143
Specifications :Octagon Olive Wood Handle Korouch Finish 440C High Carbon Stainless Steel  Chopping Knife
Blade Material:440C Solid Steel
Core Hardness:58+/-2HRC
Sharpness Level:Distal Taper Grinding
Edge:Each side 12 degrees angle,smooth cutting
Handle Material:Natrual Olive Wood Handle-Octagon Handle Shape.
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost
Packaging: Giftbox Included.

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