Nakiri Knife 7 inch DC-138


Unveiling Culinary Mastery with a 7-inch Nakiri knife

With the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, explore the world of accuracy and culinary elegance. This knife, designed to turn chopping vegetables into art, strikes the ideal chord between style and use.

 A Symphony of Craftsmanship

Get ready to go off on a culinary trip with the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, a genuine work of art. Its blade is expertly forged from superior 5Cr15 stainless steel, guaranteeing exceptional toughness, sharpness, and resistance to rust. It is a testament to great performance in every slice with a 4mm blade thickness.

 Precision in Your Hands

As you use the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, feel accuracy at your fingers. Its full tang design offers a seamless fusion of balance, control, and stability during each exacting cut. The Pakka wood handle enhances your kitchen’s beauty while offering a pleasant grip.

Customized Elegance

With customized engraving, you can take the elegance of your kitchen tools to a new level. The Nakiri Knife 7 inch has the option of having your name or brand engraved, turning it into a one-of-a-kind piece of art that reflects your uniqueness. Your kitchen arsenal gains some individuality from this unique touch.

Nakiri Knife 7 inch  Master the Art of Vegetable Preparation

With the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, made especially for accurate and effective slicing, dicing, and chopping, you can master the art of preparing vegetables. Your dishes will be tasty and aesthetically attractive thanks to its 7-inch blade length, which provides the ideal canvas for complex cuts.

 The Perfect Weight and Balance.

As you use the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, feel the harmonious balance between weight and quickness. This knife’s 265g net weight achieves the ideal balance, enabling you to cut through veggies with confidence and grace.


A Little Sophistication

The 7-inch Nakiri Knife is packaged in a gorgeous Kraft box, demonstrating our dedication to offering more than just the blade. The packaging serves as protection for the knife and a declaration of the high caliber that lies within it.

Redefining culinary art

With the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, see how culinary artistry is being redefined. A culinary utensil with full tang construction, bespoke engraving, and excellent packaging come together to show your commitment to the trade.

Elevate Every Slice

The Nakiri Knife 7 inch will elevate every cut, every chop, and every gourmet masterpiece. This knife allows you to express your culinary imagination accurately and finesse when preparing anything from delicate herbs to robust veggies.

A Tradition of Excellence

With the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, you may continue a tradition of outstanding cooking. This knife exemplifies the principles of tradition, innovation, and sophistication with its superb blade material, customizable engraving option, and well-designed package.

 The Nakiri Knife Experience

The 7-inch Nakiri Knife is more than a tool; it’s an adventure. Every element of this knife, from its flawless design to its potential for individual engraving, has been carefully chosen to enrich your culinary experience. Accept the Nakiri Knife experience, and transform how you prepare vegetables.

 Redefining Culinary Precision

With the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, culinary precision will be redefined. With a 4mm blade thickness and 5Cr15 stainless steel construction, this masterpiece offers excellent performance with each slice. Its Pakka wood handle is cozy to hold, and the possibility of custom engraving gives it something special. This knife’s weight of 265g strikes the ideal balance between bulk and maneuverability. With the Nakiri Knife 7 inch, your culinary skill will soar. It is presented in a beautiful Kraft box for a touch of class.

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NameNakiri Knife 7 inch
Blade Material5Cr15 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood
Blade thickness4mm
Tang styleFull tang
Net weight265g
PersonalizeEngrave includes  Name/Logo
PackageKraft box