Large Cleaver Butcher Knife 8″ DC-064


With the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife, Unleash Culinary Power

Take control of the kitchen with a big, sharp butcher knife

It introduces the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife, a potent kitchen instrument combining strength, accuracy, and style. This knife is the best option for culinary fans looking for excellence in every cut because it was made to perform admirably in both professional and home cooking settings.

Unmatched Craftsmanship for Excellence in Culinary

The Large Cleaver Butcher Knife, made of 5Cr15 Molybdenum Vanadium Steel, has remarkable durability and edge retention. The ultra-thick 5mm blade provides unsurpassed cutting power and stability, and the complete tang design ensures durability.

Large Cleaver Butcher Knife Superior to Others

The Large Cleaver Butcher Knife offers the ideal compromise between size and maneuverability at 33*10.4cm and 21.5cm for the blade. Its 684g net weight gives you the best control and acts as an extension of your hand while you master any culinary task.


Boost Your Gastronomic Adventure

Use the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife to enter the culinary world confidently. This knife allows you to discover new culinary frontiers in the kitchen, whether cutting vegetables finely or cleaving thick chunks of meat.

Accuracy in Every Slice

A must-have kitchen tool for every activity, the Large Cleaver  Knife’s ultra-thick 5mm blade delivers clean, accurate cuts. Your culinary masterpieces will soar to new heights thanks to its expertly crafted edge, which makes slicing and dicing effortless.

Improve Your Butchering Techniques

With the Large Cleaver Knife, learn the craft of butchering. Its razor-sharp edge and strong blade make it ideal for removing extra fat, separating meat, and easily slicing through challenging pieces.

Designed for Culinary Expertise

The Large Cleaver Knife is a necessary addition to any kitchen, whether the cook is a professional or a home cook. It is a valued asset that improves your culinary skills because of its craftsmanship, toughness, and customized touch.

Large Cleaver Butcher Knife Wenge Wood’s Elegance

The Wenge wood handle on the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife is notable for its striking grain patterns and durability. Because of its ergonomic form, it is easy to hold and prevents hand fatigue, even with prolonged use.

Designed for Your Culinary Identity

Engrave your name or company logo on the blade of the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife to make it uniquely yours. Every cut becomes a tribute to your culinary style, and this knife develops into a beloved representation of your love for cooking.

The Ideal Gastronomic Present

Give the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife as a gift to the foodie in your life. Its possibility for individual engraving makes it a thoughtful and enduring gift that honors their passion for cooking.

Expertise, Unparalleled Quality

Use the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife to prepare meals with accuracy. It will be a prized item in your kitchen for many generations, thanks to its fine craftsmanship, top-quality materials, and personalized touches.

Expert Chopping, Slicing, and Dipping

Every culinary activity is a breeze when you have the Large Cleaver Butcher Knife. With its adaptability and innovative design, you can chop, dice, and slice your way to culinary mastery.

Developing Your Creative Culinary Ability

The Large Cleaver Butcher Knife will let you unleash your culinary imagination. This knife encourages you to experiment with various tastes and textures when cooking for your family or trying new recipes.

An Effective Cook

The Large Cleaver Butcher Knife is a culinary powerhouse and more than simply a kitchen tool. Thanks to its strength, balance, and accuracy, it is the perfect travel partner for all your culinary travels.

Improve Your Cooking Experience

The Large Cleaver Butcher Knife will improve your cooking abilities. Every meal preparation becomes a joyful exploration of flavors and possibilities thanks to its remarkable features and personalized touch.

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NameLarge Cleaver Butcher Knife
Blade Material5Cr15 Molybdenum vanadium steel
Handle materialWenge
Tang styleFull tang
Blade thickness5mm ultra thick
Size33*10.4cm, blade length:21.5cm
Net weight684g
PackageKraft box, gift box, accept customized
LogoWe can engrave your name or logo on the blade

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Weight1 kg