Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style DCVG-010


Introducing the Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style: Fusing Excellence with Tradition

Having the proper instruments available is crucial for culinary excellence. A fascinating object that skillfully combines traditional craftsmanship with contemporary utility is the Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style. This knife, which was expertly crafted, is notable for its excellent performance and distinctive rustic appeal.

Blade Construction and Material

The Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style’s blade is a natural monument to the craft of making knives. Its 67 Damascus VG10 steel construction layers provide exceptional endurance and great aesthetic appeal. The blade’s dimensions are 20.1*4.9CM, and its thickness is 2.6MM, providing the ideal combination of strength and precision. You can quickly complete even the most challenging cutting operations because the blade’s 60+/-2HRC hardness guarantees its ability to retain its cutting edge.

Superior Sharpness

Every great knife must be razor-sharp, and the Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style doesn’t fall short. This knife guarantees simple slicing and dicing thanks to its sharpness level, which has a 15-degree angle on each side. Your culinary experience will be elevated to new heights by the blade’s precision, whether you’re chopping through robust meats or prepping delicate veggies.


Thoughtful Material and Design

The Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style’s stabilized wood handle gives it a sophisticated and comfortable feel in your hand. Each piece is genuinely unique due to the wood’s distinctive texture and character, which enhances the rustic appeal of the knife. Because of the ergonomic handle’s design, you have complete control over the knife’s movements, which encourages safety and accuracy.

Customization to Add a Special Touch

Every kitchen tool should, at Di’Casteel, reflect your personality. Because of this, we provide the opportunity to engrave a name or logo on the Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style. Using this knife to show off your flair and make it your own is completely free.

Excellent Packaging

Your Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style is a fantastic piece that must be displayed carefully. Because of this, each knife is exquisitely presented in a gift box, making it the ideal choice for giving to the foodie in your life.

Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style Improve Your Dining Experience

The Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style is a work of art that embodies the blending of artistry and utility. It is more than just a kitchen tool. This knife is made to fulfill your needs and go above and beyond your expectations, whether you’re a chef in the professional world or a home cook who only accepts the best. It’s a must-have addition to your kitchenware collection due to its outstanding blade material, unmatched sharpness, clever design, personalization choices, and stunning packaging.

Try a high-quality knife and see the difference it can make in your cooking. Accept the Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style’s rustic allure, cutting-edge technology, and individual touch. Enhance your recipes, let your imagination run wild, and relish the experience of using a fantastic culinary instrument.

Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style: Improve Your Culinary Craftsmanship

Precision and creativity go hand in hand in the world of culinary arts. This ideal fusion is embodied in the Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style, which provides you with a tool that works flawlessly and gives your kitchen a touch of rustic beauty.

The 67 layers of Damascus VG10 steel used to make the blade exhibit a beautiful balance between strength and beauty. With a blade size of 20.1*4.9CM and a thickness of 2.6MM, it has the perfect proportions for both delicate manipulations and powerful cuts. The 60+/-2HRC hardness of the blade ensures it keeps its edge across various tasks.

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Product Description
Item No.: DCVG-010
Name:Kiritsuke Knife VG10 Rustic Style 67 layers Damascus
Blade Material: 67 layers Damascus VG 10
Blade size:Blade size:20.1*4.9CM,Thickness 2.6MM
Sharpness Level:15o degree angle per side
Handle Material: stabilized wood
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost

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