Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 DCVG-004


The craftsmanship of the highest order: Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10

The Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10, a monument to precision and grace, reveals culinary perfection’s beauty. This knife is made of VG10 Damascus steel, recognized for its remarkable sharpness and toughness and will take your culinary endeavours to new heights.

A Design and Performance Symphony

Utilizing the Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 will allow you to enjoy the harmony of performance and design. The intricately crafted design on the blade, which is captivating, is evidence of its artistry. The knife’s 60–62HRC hardness ensures that every cut is a work of art by balancing tenacity and sharpness.

Enhance Every Cut with Kiritsuke’s Damascus VG10 Knife

The Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 transforms each cut into a piece of culinary beauty. Its 200mm blade, meticulously sharpened, smoothly glides through ingredients, enabling controlled and accurate amounts. The 2mm blade thickness’s versatility makes it perfect for various culinary chores, from fine mincing to slicing and dicing.

the symmetry between form and function

Take hold of the Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10’s Stabilized Wood Handle to observe the seamless fusion of form and function. Because of the ergonomic handle’s control and comfort features, you may execute culinary methods with dexterity. With this knife in your hand, you’ll experience a flawless connection between your hand and the blade that will improve your cooking skills.

The Extraordinary is Unveiling: Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10

The Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10, a mix of innovation and tradition, reveal the extraordinary. The 332mm whole length of the 181g knife radiates elegance and practicality. You can concentrate on the skill of cooking because of how well-balanced its weight is throughout extended use.


Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10: A Special Touch

Use the Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 to give your kitchenware a unique touch. Free of charge, you may have the blade customized with your name or company logo to make this remarkable knife truly yours. Every cut becomes a testament to your commitment to the trade and a distinguishing feature that makes your works distinctive.

Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10: Preserving Excellence

The Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 arrives with an impression of prestige and sophistication thanks to its opulent gift box presentation. The package makes your knife safe to store and a lovely present for other cooks, foodies, or anybody who enjoys the finer things in life. In conclusion, the Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 is more than just a culinary implement; it represents skill, accuracy, and devotion. Every component of this knife, from the VG10 Damascus steel blade to the Stabilized Wood Handle, has been carefully developed to improve your dining experience. With the help of this excellent knife, which seamlessly blends innovation and tradition, you can take your cuisine to a new level of artistry.

Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10: A Culinary Journey Awaits

With the Kiritsuke Knife , embark on a culinary adventure. This knife’s flexibility has no bounds—it may be used for delicate garnishing, slicing, and chopping. Its 5Cr15 stainless steel construction guarantees longevity and durability, making it a trustworthy ally in your pursuit of culinary excellence.

Kiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10, exquisite presentation

The Kiritsuke Damascus is more than simply a kitchen tool; it’s a statement of sophistication and is packaged in a chic gift box. This knife’s superb presentation will surely impress, whether you’re using it for your culinary activities or giving it a thoughtful gift. The Kiritsuke Knife  is a showcase for the craft of culinary craftsmanship.  its VG10 Damascus steel blade, Stabilized Wood Handle, and customizable engraving option, it is a fantastic tool for any cook. With this excellent knife, elevate your culinary masterpieces and embark on a gastronomic innovation trip.



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Product Details
NameKiritsuke Knife Damascus VG10 8inch
MaterialVG10 Damascus Steel
Handle materialStabilized Wood Handle
Full length332mm
Blade length200mm
Blade thickness2mm
Net weight181g
PackageGift box
PersonalizeEngrave Name/Logo Free cost

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