Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 DCG-13


Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10: Improve Your Culinary Craftsmanship

Precision and invention are the cornerstones of greatness in culinary creativity. These characteristics are expertly embodied by the Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10, which provides an unmatched combination of functional ability and aesthetic appeal. This knife, created to inspire your culinary ideas, proves that superb artistry and cutting-edge technology coexist harmoniously.

Dimensions and Specifications: A Symphony of Design

The Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 is a work of art created to enhance your culinary experience rather than just being a tool. This knife’s blade is 8″ long and 5.2 cm wide, striking the ideal chord between adaptability and accuracy. Blades of 2.5 mm thickness are guaranteed to be durable without sacrificing mobility. This knife is an extension of your hand with a complete length of 340mm and a weight of 169g, providing maximum control for all culinary tasks.

Excellently Forged VG-10 Damascus Steel

This fantastic knife’s VG-10 Damascus steel blade has an astounding 67 layers and is its center of gravity. The blade, treated with oil furnace Hoover technology to reach unmatched hardness, is a monument to rigorous craftsmanship and innovation. This blade’s 60–62HRC hardness rating attests to its durability and resistance while guaranteeing that each slice is made precisely.


Crafting Excellence: Edge and Sharpness

The Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 is a masterpiece of accuracy and razor-sharp. Each cut is effortless and smooth because of the V Taper Grinding’s sharpness level of 6–9N. The blade’s edge provides a mirror-like sharpness that effortlessly cuts through ingredients, hand honed to perfection at a 9–12 degree angle on each side. In every culinary masterpiece, you can taste and feel this accuracy.

An Elegant Handle Made of Stabilised Wood

This knife’s handle is more than just a handle; it makes a statement of style and usefulness. It is made of stabilized wood and is a tribute to the flawless fusion of beauty and usefulness. The handcrafted octagonal shape enhances the knife’s robust design and provides a comfortable grip. Every contour and angle of this culinary wonder are intended to complement one another.

Personalization as a Signature: Free Engraving of Name and Logo

This knife becomes an extension of your culinary identity when you personalize it; it’s not just an option. The Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 becomes yours exclusively when you can engrave your name or logo on the blade. It’s more than just a tool; it demonstrates your love for the culinary arts.

Giftbox packaging can enhance the unboxing experience.

The Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 includes a thoughtfully made gift box, improving its display and value. The packaging ensures that you will be delighted every time it is unboxed, whether you are buying it for yourself or a fellow fan. You receive more than a knife; it symbolizes accuracy and ingenuity.

the Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 Acknowledge Culinary Mastery

A path to culinary skill, the Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 is more than just a piece of equipment. Due to its adaptability, it may be used for various jobs, from precise chopping to slicing. This knife’s every feature is intended to improve your culinary experience and aid you in creating recipes that will delight and inspire you.

Pay for excellence

The Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 represents an investment in accuracy, beauty, and culinary talent rather than merely a knife. You are embracing an excellent legacy that permeates every meal you produce as you use this knife to make culinary wonders. Improve your culinary skills with a knife that embodies your dedication to excellence.

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Production Description
Item No.:DCVG-013
Name:Kiritsuke Knife Colourful Handle VG10 DCG-13
Blade Finished:Sand blasting damascus steel blade
Blade Finished:Acid Picking damascus steel blade
Specifiaction:Blade Length8″,Width5.2cm
Full length:340mm
Blade Material:VG-10 Damascus steel,67 layers.
Oil Furnace Vacuum treatment
Sharpness Level:6-9N,V Taper Grinding,each side 9 degrees angle,smooth cutting
Edge:9-12 degree/side,mirror hand sharpened edge
Handle Material:Stablized wood handle
Handmade octangonal shape,strong outline.
Every part combination is harmonized.
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost

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