Japanese Nakiri knife 7′ DC-101


Examine the Japanese Nakiri Knife’s Stunning Craftsmanship

Using the Japanese Nakiri Knife to Unleash Culinary Mastery

The Japanese Nakiri knife is considered to be the pinnacle of accuracy, style, and usefulness in the field of culinary craft. This superb knife promises unsurpassed durability and cutting-edge performance with a carefully crafted 4Cr13 stainless steel blade. The alluring Hammer polished blade treatment ensures friction-free slicing and dicing while enhancing its appeal. The Nakiri knife’s unmatched skill is on display as the 2mm thick blade deftly slices through a kaleidoscope of ingredients, allowing you to see the seamless flow of culinary creation.

The Optimal Combination of Form and Function

The Pakka wood handle of the Nakiri knife is a beautiful work of art in and of itself, combining strength and elegance. Hours of uninterrupted culinary exploration without getting tired are made possible by the ergonomic handle’s sturdy and pleasant grip. This culinary treasure has been carefully crafted in every way to enhance your cooking experience, making it a natural extension of your talent and enthusiasm in the kitchen.

Japanese Nakiri knife Improve Your Culinary Works

The Japanese Nakiri knife improves your culinary masterpieces by slicing delicate herbs and vegetables into paper-thin ribbons and slicing vegetables into paper-thin ribbons. The nonstick, mirror-polished blade surface enhances food release while adding a touch of elegance, guaranteeing each slice is perfect and attractive to the eye. Give your visitors expertly prepared food with flavours that will captivate them.

Individualisation – Adding a Special Touch

Our dedication to perfection goes beyond faultless design and craftsmanship. Every culinary artist merits a little flair. As a result, we provide the free option to engrave your name or company logo on the Japanese Nakiri knife. With your signature engraved, this work of art becomes a prized heirloom and an extension of your gastronomic trip, ready to evoke lasting memories with each slice.

The Ideal Present for Food Lovers

The Japanese Nakiri knife, which is tastefully packaged in a chic gift box, makes a thoughtful and treasured present for food lovers, seasoned chefs, or enthusiastic home cooks. This knife represents culinary devotion and a classic expression of appreciation, whether for a particular event or commemorating a significant milestone.

Use the Japanese Nakiri Knife to Enjoy Culinary Brilliance

The Japanese Nakiri knife is characterised by its precision, creativity, and individuality. With this remarkable masterpiece, redefine your culinary journey, improve your meals, and release your inner chef. Accept the fascination of Japanese artistry and relish the satisfaction of producing mouthwatering masterpieces with each slice. The Japanese Nakiri knife is ready to enchant your kitchen with its culinary brilliance. It is a true blend of form, function, and elegance.

A Classic Gift of Gastronomic Excellence

For food lovers and seasoned cooks alike, the Japanese Nakiri knife packaged in a chic gift box offers an outstanding gift. Give a present that reflects the artistry of your loved one to show your appreciation for their enthusiasm for food, and watch as they use this wonderful work of art to discover new culinary vistas.

Beyond Accuracy, Beauty

You enter a world where culinary fantasies can come true when you accept the Japanese Nakiri knife. The 2mm blade thickness enables precision cutting, making it simple to make delicate garnishes or vegetable sheets as thin as paper. While the nonstick quality guarantees that your craftsmanship is preserved from the first cut to the final presentation, the mirror-polished blade surface represents your culinary aspirations.


Improve Your Dining Experience Right Now

The Japanese Nakiri knife is a monument to the Japanese people’s skilful design and inventive cooking. Thanks to this remarkable instrument, become one of the renowned chefs and ardent home cooks who have realised their full culinary potential. Take your cooking skills to new heights by introducing the Japanese Nakiri knife into your kitchen and experiencing its beauty, precision, and personalisation. Embrace the Japanese Nakiri knife to achieve culinary mastery.

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Product Parameters
NameJapanese Nakiri knife 7 inch
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
Blade treatmentHammer finished
Blade thickness2mm
Handle materialPakka wood
Net weight256g
Blade surfacenonstick, mirror polished
Package  gift box
PersonalizeWe can engrave your name or logo on the blade free cost

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