Forged Nakiri Knife 8′ DC-107


The Forged Nakiri Knife Shows Off Precision and Craftsmanship

Use the Forged Nakiri Knife to Improve Your Culinary Artistry

With the Forged Nakiri Knife, a masterpiece of precision and craftsmanship created to improve your culinary adventure, you may explore a new level of culinary perfection.

A Beautiful Combination of Form and Function

The Forged Nakiri Knife’s precise design, which perfectly combines form and function, is at its core. The blade’s 3Cr13 stainless steel construction guarantees outstanding sharpness, toughness, and corrosion resistance. With its 3mm blade thickness, which perfectly balances strength and elegance, you can quickly move through various materials.

Forged Nakiri Knife an Honorable Handle

The Pakka wood handle of the Forged Nakiri Knife is elegant and provides a secure grip. As a result of the complete tang construction, the knife is more stable and gives you the highest control when executing complex cuts and manoeuvres.

Every Cut Is Accurate

The Forged Nakiri Knife has a blade length of 19 cm and a size of 34.3*4.8 cm, offers enough room for precise cuts and is an excellent option for slicing, dicing, and chopping vegetables. Its net weight of 239g further enhances your manoeuvrability and control.

Improve Your Vegetable Preparation

Your key to perfect vegetable preparation is the Forged Nakiri Knife. This knife allows you to produce exquisitely created, visually attractive dishes, whether you’re a skilled professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook.

Every Slice Displays Artisanship and Technique

With the Forged Nakiri Knife, you may compose a symphony of tastes and textures. Every slice embodies its exquisite design and craftsmanship, enabling you to demonstrate your culinary skill and technique with each dish you produce.



Adopt Culinary Accuracy

A skilled cook must be precise, and the Nakiri Knife is your tool. It’s 3mm blade thickness and full tang construction guarantee that every cut is made with the finest precision, increasing your productivity and the aesthetic appeal of your creations.

Holding a piece of art

The Nakiri Knife is a work of art that showcases your commitment to the culinary trade and is more than just a simple kitchen tool. Its modern style, evenly distributed weight, and comfortable grip combine to provide a tool that improves your culinary experience.

Perfected Farm to Table Food

The Forged Nakiri Knife ensures that your ingredients go the ideal way from the farm to your plate. Raw veggies’ natural smells and textures are preserved while being expertly transformed into culinary pleasures by its razor-sharp blade.

Your Gastronomic Canvas Is Waiting

Make the kitchen your canvas and the Nakiri Knife your brush. You are producing a work of taste and presentation with each exact cut. With the help of this extraordinary instrument, you may improve your culinary efforts and realise your creative idea.

Superior Quality and Stability

A tribute to unwavering excellence and enduring longevity is the Forged Nakiri Knife. Whether polishing your hallmark dishes or experimenting with new ideas, its sturdy build and exquisite design make it a dependable companion for culinary excursions.

A Path to Culinary Mastery

With the Forged Nakiri Knife, you begin your path to culinary excellence. You are inspired to push the limits of your inventiveness in the kitchen by its innovative design, beautiful craftsmanship, and exceptional performance. On this enlightening culinary journey, improve your abilities, embrace precision, and let the Forged Nakiri Knife be your dependable travel companion.

Customisation for the Creative Chef in You

The Forged Nakiri Knife offers a unique touch of personalisation and exceptional features. Engrave your name or company logo on the blade to turn this necessary kitchen item into a representation of your culinary character. This kind of contribution says a lot about your commitment to the culinary arts.

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NameForged Nakiri Knife 8′ DC-107
Blade Material3Cr13 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood handle
Blade thickness3mm
Tang styleFull tang
Size34.3*4.8cm, blade length:19cm
Net weight239g

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Weight1 kg