Forged Kiritsuke Knife 7 DC-105


Unleash Culinary Precision and Artistry with the Forged Kiritsuke Knife

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife’s Mastery

Discover the pinnacle of culinary brilliance with the Forged Kiritsuke Knife, a masterful fusion of artistry and artistry. With the help of this expertly produced knife, you can unleash your culinary imagination and take your cuisine to an entirely new level of accuracy and elegance.

Exceptional Craftsmanship

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife is painstakingly made using the best materials and age-old forging methods. Because it comprises premium 5Cr15 stainless steel, the blade will be exceptionally sharp and durable. The complete tang design improves its balance and robustness, which also offers stability and control while cutting.

The Forged Kiritsuke Each slice is precise

This Kiritsuke Knife’s 2.6mm blade thickness allows it to cut precisely and cleanly through foods easily. The 5cr15mov polished blade’s hammered surface reduces friction and enables razor-sharp precision, making it a crucial tool for both professional and home cooks.

A Comfortable and Controllable Handle

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife’s handle is made of a concave-convex blend of PP and fiber, providing a cozy, ergonomic grip. The insertion of rivets ensures maximum durability and long-lasting performance. This design lets you express your culinary expertise fully by striking the ideal mix between comfort and control.

Engrave Your Name or Logo for a Personal Touch

Add value to the Forged Kiritsuke Knife by engraving your name or company logo for you. Putting your stamp on the knife makes it distinctly yours and represents your commitment to culinary talent. Enjoy owning a knife that embodies your enthusiasm for and dedication to the culinary arts.

Flexibility and Elegance

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife is made to be excellent in a variety of kitchen activities, including slicing, dicing, chopping, and mincing. It is a true workhorse in the kitchen because of its size, which strikes the ideal mix between adaptability and mobility at 300*60mm. Accept the grace and accuracy of this multipurpose knife.

A Culinary Mastery Gift

Are you looking for a meaningful and one-of-a-kind present for a chef or cooking enthusiast? The ideal option is the Forged Kiritsuke Knife. For anyone passionate about culinary talent, its superb craftsmanship, customizable engraving possibility, and exceptional performance make it a prized gift.

Adopt the Art of Precision Cooking

Buy a Forged Kiritsuke Knife today and master the art of precise cooking. Bring your cooking up to the level of proficiency that the best chefs possess. This knife will be your dependable travel buddy whether you’re cooking a fine meal for visitors or enjoying your culinary experiments.


Order Your Forged Kiritsuke Knife Right Now

Take the chance to get a knife with fine craftsmanship engraved with your name. Order your Forged Kiritsuke Knife immediately and enjoy outstanding cuisine in your kitchen. With this exceptional knife by your side, unleash your culinary flair and accuracy.

A Blade with a Story to Tell

Each Forged Kiritsuke Knife is a work of art with a unique backstory; it is more than just a blade. The blade’s laser-printed pattern gives a beautiful finishing touch and nods to the long legacy of Japanese swords. Allow your culinary experiences and the craftsmanship you put into each meal you make to be reflected in this knife.

Appreciate the Artisanal Beauty of Handwork

A Forged Kiritsuke Knife is a work of art that demands dedication, expertise, and accuracy. Each knife is handcrafted, so no two are precisely the same, making each a work of art. Learn to appreciate the elegance of traditional craftsmanship and savor the satisfaction of possessing a knife that represents the pinnacle of culinary skill.

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NameForged Kiritsuke Knife 7 inch
Blade material5Cr15 stainless steel
Handle materialPP plus fiber concave-convex+rivets
StyleFull tang
Blade thickness2.6mm
Blade finished5cr15mov, hammered surface
Net weight230g
PackageKraft box
PersonalizeEngrave includes name/logo Free cost

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Weight1 kg