Forged Kiritsuke Knife 7.5 inch DC-091


The Forged Kiritsuke Knife Will Unleash Your Culinary Excellence

Precision Meets Craftsmanship

Presenting the Forged Kiritsuke Knife, a culinary masterpiece that fuses superb craftsmanship with unmatched precision. This knife, made of premium 3Cr13 stainless steel, is a tribute to the craft of forging. Its 2.6mm thick blade exhibits strength and sharpness that easily withstands any culinary challenge.

Perfectly Designed Handles

The Pakka wood handle on the Forged Kiritsuke Knife perfectly combines form and function. This handle, specially designed for comfort and grip, guarantees complete control over each cut, chop, and slice. You can go through delicate cuts with ease and grace because of its full tang design, which improves longevity and offers perfect balance.

An Orchestral Performance

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife will help you improve your culinary skills. This knife, which measures 31.5*4.2cm and has a 17cm-long blade, finds a good compromise between size and accuracy. The Forged Kiritsuke Knife plays like a symphony, easily producing culinary marvels, from slicing vegetables to filleting fish.

Forged Kiritsuke Knife Unmatched Versatility

Embrace the Forged Kiritsuke Knife’s adaptability to a variety of cooking tasks. This knife’s full tang construction and 2.6mm thick blade provide durability for all your kitchen endeavours. This knife is up to the task, whether exquisite slicing or tough chopping.

Created with Culinary Creativity in Mind

A blank canvas for culinary imagination is the Forged Kiritsuke Knife. Its nonstick, mirror-polished 3Cr13 stainless steel blade provides a smooth glide through ingredients to create recipes with accuracy and grace. With the help of this extraordinary knife, embrace the culinary arts and unleash your inner chef.

Superior to Others

With the Forged Kiritsuke Knife, dare to stand out in the kitchen. It stands out thanks to its unique design and flawless craftsmanship, making it a standout item that oozes culinary assurance. Owning a knife that enhances your culinary abilities and displays your appreciation for style and sophistication is something you should be proud of.


Customize Your Gastronomic Adventure

With the help of our engraving services, you may personalize the Forged Kiritsuke Knife. Leave your mark on each dish you produce by engraving your name or logo on the blade. Thanks to your unique touch, kitchen equipment becomes a priceless heritage, reminding you of your love for and commitment to the culinary arts.

Your Food Friend

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife is your go-to culinary ally whether you’re a seasoned chef or a food enthusiast. Its accuracy, toughness, and unique charm encourage self-assurance and innovation in the kitchen. With this superb knife by your side, elevate your dining experience and enjoy the art of cooking. With the Forged Kiritsuke Knife, a fusion of artistry, precision, and functionality, unleash your culinary talent. Every component of this knife displays the commitment to outstanding craftsmanship, from the blade’s 3Cr13 stainless steel construction to the comfort of its Pakka wood handle. Make your journey unique with engraving options, and let this knife reflect your love of cooking. Accept the Forged Kiritsuke Knife and set out on a unique culinary journey.

The Ideal Gastronomic Present

Are you searching for a special present for the ambitious cook in your life? You only need to consider the Forged Kiritsuke Knife. Thanks to its stunning appearance and customizable engraving option, this knife is more than simply a kitchen utensil; it also symbolizes respect and enthusiasm for the culinary arts. This knife will make an impression on anyone, whether for a birthday, anniversary, or other special occasion.

Develop Your Culinary Experience

The Forged Kiritsuke Knife will help you realize the full potential of your culinary abilities. Using this precise tool, you’ll experience increased zeal and confidence in the kitchen. You can easily slice through ingredients thanks to its perfect blade thickness and nonstick surface, which raises the fun and enjoyment of cooking.

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Product Parameters
NameForged Kiritsuke Knife 7.5 inch
Blade Material3Cr13 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood
Blade thickness2.6mm
Tang styleFull tang
Size31.5*4.2cm, blade length:17cm
Net weightAbout 228g
PackageKraft box
LogoNo logo by default, engrave includes
PersonalizeWe can engrave your name or logo on the blade