Forged Butcher Knife 6″ DC-075


Use a Forged Butcher Knife to Show Off Your Culinary Skills

Unwavering Quality and Mastery of Craftsmanship

The Forged Butcher Knife is a towering example of perfection in kitchen implements. This knife is a tribute to the artistry of great knife makers, having been painstakingly made with care, precision, and devotion. The blade is made from premium 4Cr13 stainless steel, renowned for its toughness and wear resistance. Because of the full tang design, every cut is guaranteed to be stable and strong thanks to the continuous passage of the blade through the handle.

Forged Butcher Knife Versatility Redefined

A genuine worker in the kitchen, the Forged Butcher Knife is equipped to handle any task you set before it in the kitchen. This knife is made to be excellent at every activity, from accurate boning and skinning to speedy chopping and slicing. Whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook, the Forged Butcher Knife is your go-to partner, enabling you to easily unlock your creative cooking potential and experiment with new flavours.

Let Your Culinary Creativity Run Wild

The options are unlimited when you have the Forged Butcher Knife. You can easily create beautiful dishes with it because of how easily its razor-sharp blade cuts through meats, fruits, and veggies. This knife improves the quality of your culinary creations, whether making a delicious roast for a family meal or slicing delicate garnishes for a sophisticated presentation.

Aesthetics and Usability

The Forged Butcher Knife is a true design masterpiece in addition to its outstanding performance. Wenge wood, prized for its beautiful natural hues and precise craftsmanship, makes the handle. The ergonomic design fits your hand well and offers comfort and control throughout extended use. This knife is not just a need for the kitchen but also a stunning piece of art that perfectly balances form and function.

A Knife With Your Mark

Create a unique etching on the blade to make your cooking trip more special. The Forged Butcher Knife expresses your love and commitment to the culinary arts, whether personalized with your name, a logo, or other important text. For the budding chef or food lover, it also makes a wonderful and original gift.

A Kitchen Tool That Is Much More

Although the Forged Butcher Knife is a need in every kitchen, its uses are not limited to the food industry. Its versatility makes it a dependable travel companion for outdoor activities like camping and hunting. For the adventurous spirit, this knife is necessary for everything from skinning animals to making meals around the campfire.


Dependability and Durability

The Forged Butcher Knife was designed to last a lifetime with durability in mind. Thanks to its durable build and strong blade, it will be a dependable partner on your culinary journey. No matter the task’s difficulty, this knife excels at it, producing fantastic results.

The Fine Art of Accuracy

With the Forged Butcher Knife, enjoy the pleasure of culinary accuracy. The full tang design adds stability and balance to your movements, and the 3mm thick blade enables controlled and accurate cutting. With this knife, you can achieve excellence in every slice, whether filleting a delicate fish or chopping up a robust cut of meat.

Tap Into the Potential

The Forged Butcher Knife opens up a world of culinary possibilities. This knife has proven to be an indispensable item in any kitchen used by novice or seasoned chefs. The Forged Butcher Knife should be used to enhance your culinary skills as you embrace the art of accuracy and appreciate the beauty of handiwork. This amazing knife is where your culinary adventure begins.

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NameForged Butcher Knife 6 inch
TypeFixed blade
Tang styleFull tang
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
Blade thickness3mm
Handle materialSolid wenge wood
Size28.5*6.5cm, blade length:17cm
Net weight300g
ApplicationOutdoor, hunting, skinning, boning, chopping, etc.
PersonalizeWe can engrave your name or logo on the blade

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Weight1 kg