Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow DCVG-008


The Rainbow of the Damascus Kiritsuke Knife: Combining Form and Function

For the Modern Culinary Enthusiast, Innovative Design

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow exemplifies how conventional craftsmanship and contemporary innovation may coexist. In addition to improving its cutting effectiveness, its exquisite blade design gives your kitchen tools a touch of class. The meticulously crafted, 67-layer Damascus steel ensures that the blade performs superbly and has a stunning appearance.

Superior Performance

The VG-10 67 Layers Damascus steel blade, renowned for its exceptional strength and sharpness, is the centerpiece of the Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow. The Oil Furnace Vacuum process improves the blade’s toughness and core hardness between 60 and 62HRC. This proves the knife can cut through delicate components and tough meats.

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow a Sharpness Symphony

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow excels in this area, which is crucial in the culinary world. Its edges are skillfully sharpened to a 15-degree angle on either side, guaranteeing precise and clean cuts with little effort. With the help of the V Taper Grinding process, you may easily cut through various substances because it ensures a sharpness level of 6–9N.


Comfortable Handle with an Ergonomic Design

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow knows that a chef’s knife is a natural extension of their hand. The handle has an ergonomic form that fits your hand well and is made of stabilized maple wood. This function lessens discomfort during extended cooking periods, allowing you to concentrate on culinary inventiveness.

Making Your Identity Public

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow provides an exceptional option for customization. Free of charge, you may engrave your name or company logo on the blade to make this kitchen tool a representation of your uniqueness and love of cooking.

Beautiful Presentation with Attention to Detail

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow is sent in a beautifully crafted gift box that reflects the time and effort that went into its design. Because of the attention to detail, it serves as both a practical tool and a statement piece that enhances the look of your kitchen.

Your Culinary Potential, Unleashed

The Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow is more than a tool; it embodies your culinary goals thanks to its exquisite design, exceptional performance, and customizable characteristics. This knife is your key to exploring new culinary vistas, whether you’re a chef seeking the finest tool or a home cook obsessed with excellence.

Accept the Damascus Kiritsuke Rainbow Right Now

You are invited to enter the world of accuracy, artistry, and innovation in culinary crafting by the Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow. Make every culinary attempt a work of art by elevating your cooking experience with a tool that honors design and function. By purchasing the Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow, you can travel to a place where cutting-edge technology and traditional craftsmanship come together.

Unleash Your Culinary Potential

With its impeccable design, superior performance, and personalized features, the Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow is more than just a tool; it’s an embodiment of your culinary aspirations. Whether you’re a professional chef seeking the finest instrument or a cooking enthusiast passionate about perfection, this knife is your gateway to unlocking new culinary horizons.

Unveiling Your Identity

To add a personal touch, the Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow offers a unique opportunity for personalization. Engrave your name or logo on the blade at no additional cost, transforming this kitchen tool into a symbol of your individuality and passion for cooking

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Product Description


Item No.:DCVG-008
Name:Japanese Damascus Kiritsuke Knife Rainbow
Specifiaction:Total Length:337mm,Balde length 197* height 47mm,Thickness 2.3mm.Weight:240g.
Blade Material:VG-10 67 Layers Damascus steel ,Oil Furnace Vacuum treatment
Core Hardness:60-62HRC
Sharpness Level:6-9N,V Taper Grinding
Edge:Each side 15 degrees angle,smooth cutting
Handle Material:Stablized Maple Wood Handle
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free cost

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