Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf DC-006


Wild Wolf: Unleash the Spirit of the Wild, by Cleaver Knife

Improve Your Culinary Skills with Cleaver Knives and a Wolf

Every dish in gastronomy is an adventure, a study of flavors that titillate the palate. The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf, which embodies power, accuracy, and the untamed spirit of the wild, becomes your dependable travel partner on this culinary adventure. Let’s examine this unique knife’s finer points to learn about its remarkable qualities, the craftsmanship of its construction, and the almost endless possibilities it offers your kitchen.

Forged for Excellence: A Forged Blade’s Craftsmanship

The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf pays homage to the craft of forging, a technique that dates back to early blacksmithing practices. Each blade is painstakingly forged using a particular procedure, producing exceptional toughness and longevity. A complete tang design ensures unrivaled strength and balance for your culinary endeavors by effortlessly extending the blade into the handle.

4Cr13 Stainless Steel Blade: Unveiling the Essence

A blade made of premium 4Cr13 stainless steel sits in the center of the Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf. This blade, known for its ability to resist corrosion and maintain its edge over time, easily handles the demands of chopping, deboning, and slicing. The blade’s ultra-thick 2.5mm profile ensures durability and precision, enabling you to complete even the most challenging culinary chores.

The Wild Wolf as Inspiration for the Majesty of Design

Think of a knife that reflects the strength and grandeur of a wolf in the wild—a species that commands respect and survives in the wild. This spirit is reflected in the Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf design, which features an ergonomic solid wenge wood handle. Every slice becomes an act of connection with the wild, adding a hint of the feral to your culinary creations.

The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf Versatility Redefined: A Multitalented Culinary Tool

The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf is a flexible tool that conforms to your creative dreams; culinary restrictions do not constrain it. This knife transcends its function and becomes an extension of your culinary mastery, whether on a hunting expedition, going on outdoor excursions, deboning poultry, or slicing vegetables. Thanks to its durable design and cutting-edge blade, it is an essential travel companion for every culinary adventure.

Engrave Your Identity to Personalise Your Legend

Engrave your name or company logo on the blade to turn the Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf into a prized keepsake. With this customizing choice, a practical instrument becomes a declaration of one’s culinary individuality. Your logo, which is etched, attests to your dedication to culinary excellence and the art of cooking.

An Art of Cooking: The Perfect Balance

The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf perfectly balances aesthetics and practicality. With a blade length of 200mm and a weight of 361g, it feels like an extension of your hand and moves with ease when you do. Both amateur cooks and seasoned chefs may depend on the knife because of its balance, which guarantees precise slices.


Inspired by Crafted: Unleash Your Culinary Imagination

The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf allows you to venture into unexplored culinary realms with a blade that captures the spirit of the wild. It stimulates creativity by encouraging you to try out novel ingredients, methods, and presentations. You connect with the innate relationship between nature and the art of nutrition as you slice, cut, and carve.

Your Culinary Odyssey: Wild Wolf and a Cleaver

The Cleaver Knife Wild Wolf is a monument to your culinary journey in culinary research. It captures the spirit of untamed wilderness and culinary expertise, from its forged blade to its custom inscriptions. You embrace the wild energy with each slice, crafting flavors that evoke the cry of the wolf—a symphony of flavor that stays in the mouths of those who indulge in your creations.

Cleaver Knives 

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NameCleaver Knife Wild Wolf 7 inch


Forged blade
Tang styleFull tang
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
Blade thickness2.5mm ultra thick
HandleSolid wenge wood
Size300*92mm, blade length:200mm
Net weight361g
ApplicationOutdoor, hunting, deboning, chopping meat, vegetable, poultry, etc.

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