Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter DC-133


Release Your Culinary Bravery with the Viking Spirit Fighter Cleaver Knife

The Viking Spirit Fighter Cleaver Knife is more than simply a cooking implements—it represents fortitude, bravery, and culinary skill. This knife, which was made with extreme care and attention to detail, reflects the spirit of a Viking warrior and is prepared to win any culinary fight.

Excellence Through Precision Forging

The 5Cr15 stainless steel blade is the heart of the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter. This stainless steel, which is renowned for its remarkable durability and sharpness retention, makes sure that your cuts are exact, quick, and effortless. The 4mm blade thickness provides strength, enabling you to handle even the most challenging ingredients confidently.

Taking Charge of Design

This knife’s complete tang design enables a smooth transition from the blade to the handle, ensuring balance and stability throughout every cut. You can confidently use this cooking tool since the Pakka handle material provides a comfortable and stable grip. The Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter is light and elegant in your hand, weighing only 265g net.

Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter Specifically Personalized

The ability to customize the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter makes it unique. Your culinary adventure as a Viking warrior is a hero’s narrative waiting to be written. Put your name in the blade engraving and let your culinary achievements live on in your knife. This unique touch gives your cooking experience a sense of pride and ownership.

The Ultimate in Versatility

The Viking Spirit Fighter Cleaver Knife goes beyond the limitations of the kitchen. It’s an attitude, not just a tool. With this knife’s versatility, you can channel your inner Viking in the kitchen whether you’re chopping, dicing, mincing, or slicing. Take it on your outdoor adventures and use it as your go-to cooking partner.

When Quality Meets Beauty

This knife is a work of art in addition to being utilitarian. Its appearance is a tribute to the fierce Viking warriors of yore and a representation of their unyielding spirit. Show it off in your kitchen with pride and let it remind you of your commitment to the culinary arts.


Enhanced Packaging

The packaging for the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter is commensurate with its status. A Kraft box is included to provide a touch of luxury and ensure your knife is safely packaged and tastefully displayed. Thanks to its packaging, the blade is the perfect present for those foodies who share your love.

Unparalleled Foodie Power

The appropriate equipment may make all the difference in the world of cooking. The Viking Spirit Fighter Cleaver Knife is more than a tool; it makes a statement. It’s a declaration of your devotion to the culinary world and your resolve to produce dishes of excellent quality. It’s a knife that expresses your distinct culinary character with its personalized touch and Viking-inspired design.


More than just a cooking tool, the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter is a symbol of bravery, sturdiness, and customization. This knife, which has been expertly crafted, reminds you of your culinary adventure. Every component, from the fine blade to the engraved personalization, showcases your passion for cooking. With the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter by your side, you may unleash your inner Viking spirit in the kitchen and everywhere.
Fire Up Your Viking Spirit in the Kitchen

Your culinary endeavors are taken to the next level with the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter.

As you chop, slice, and dice your way through the ingredients, think about the Viking combatants’ power, bravery, and pride. To make the blade truly yours, engrave your name on it. This knife is more than just a blade; it embodies your creative cooking spirit. With the Cleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter by your side, be ready to rule the kitchen.

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NameCleaver Knife Viking Spirit Fighter 6’5 DC-133
Blade Material5Cr15 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka
Blade thickness4mm
Tang styleFull tang
Net weight265g
Personalizedviking fighter ,we can add your name on the blade

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Weight1 kg