Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull DC-006


The Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull will let you embrace your inner rebel.

The Cleaver Knife Rock n’ Roll Skull is more than simply a kitchen implements; it’s a representation of the spirit of rock ‘n’ roll, individuality, and revolt. This knife, which was made with care and a dash of daring, is your pass to culinary explorations that beat to the same rhythm as your heart.

Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull With Attitude, Forged

With a knife that is as bold as your culinary goals, embrace the rock ‘n’ roll vibes. The forged blade on the Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull is created to capture the essence of your rebellious attitude. You will have the strength to handle any task in the kitchen thanks to the full tang construction, which ensures robustness.

Let Your Creativity Run Wild

The quality and strength of the blade material are evident. It’s made of 4Cr13 stainless steel and is more than simply a kitchen accessory; it’s a tool that inspires your culinary endeavors. You may embrace your inner chef with confidence since the blade’s 2.5 mm thickness ensures longevity.

An Exclusive Handle

The Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull is a work of art as well as a performance piece. The solid wenge wood handle has an aura of refinement and edginess about it. This is a knife that makes a statement rather than simply blending into your kitchen.

Size Counts

This knife’s dimensions of 300*92mm and 200mm for the blade length strike the ideal mix between control and strength. This knife easily adjusts to your culinary whims whether you’re deboning meat, cutting vegetables, or cooking fowl.


A Musical Score for Food

Visualize the rock ‘n’ roll rhythm dictating every chop. The Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull turns cooking from a routine activity into an artistic symphony. With its precision and 361g net weight, you may slice and dice with the assurance of a real rock star.

Make Your Rock Star Journey Your Own

But the ability for customization is what sets this knife apart. The blade can be personalized with your name or logo to serve as a distinctive extension of your brand. You have the opportunity to completely own your journey as a gourmet rock star because the engraving is included at no additional cost.

Outside of the Kitchen

The Rock & Roll Cleaver Knife Skull isn’t just for the kitchen. It can be a handy travel companion for your travels away from the stove thanks to its outdoor and hunting applications. This knife is prepared to improve your abilities whether you’re deboning, chopping meat, or even demonstrating your prowess at the grill.

Integrate a passion for food with a sense of self

The Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull is more than just a tool; it represents your love of food and your unique self. It serves as both a blank canvas and a vehicle for disobedience. It’s a declaration of your love for food and the rebellious attitude of rock ‘n’ roll.

Improve Your Dining Experience

Each slice and each dice are notes in your culinary composition. You’re not just cooking when you have the Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull in your hand; you’re also making music on the cutting board. A knife that is as flamboyant and daring as you are can help you unleash your inner rock star and boost your culinary experience.

Cooking with Character

With the Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull, the ordinary may become exceptional. It pays homage to disobedience, uniqueness, and the potency of culinary innovation. Every component of this knife, from the forged blade to the sturdy wenge wood grip, screams attitude. Additionally, if you choose to personalize it, you become the owner of your culinary story rather than simply a knife.

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NameForged Cleaver Knife Rock n Roll Skull 7-inch


Forged blade
Tang styleFull tang
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
Blade thickness2.5mm ultra thick
HandleSolid wenge wood
Size300*92mm, blade length:200mm
Net weight361g
ApplicationOutdoor, hunting, deboning, chopping meat, vegetable, poultry, etc.

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