Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross DC-006


Culinary Excellence at Your Fingertips with the Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross symbolizes accuracy, tradition, and craftsmanship in culinary prowess. This knife is more than simply a cooking tool thanks to its forged blade, full tang form, and rich historical meaning; it’s a monument to the commitment and passion that drive your culinary explorations. Let’s explore the characteristics that make the Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross a vital component of your kitchen collection.

Combining craftsmanship and tradition

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross is a work of art inspired by the rich history of the Celts. It is more than just a piece of kitchenware. This knife emanates an air of elegance and force reminiscent of ancient Celtic warriors thanks to its distinctive blade design and sturdy wenge wood grip. Its dimensions of 300*92mm and 200mm for the blade’s length provide a pleasing mix between function and beauty, enabling you to use it with assurance and finesse.

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross  Designed with Precision

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross was expertly and skillfully fashioned, and its blade epitomizes knifemaking talent. Due to its full tang design, it is extremely durable and can resist the strain of chopping, deboning, and slicing. The knife’s 4Cr13 stainless steel blade attests to its toughness and cutting power, making it a trustworthy partner in your culinary undertakings.

Every Cut Is Accurate

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross blade is exceptionally thick, measuring 2.5mm. This thickness guarantees that every cut you make, whether dicing vegetables, slicing meat, or deboning birds, is precise and defined. The knife’s design enhances your ability to control and feel confident in your cutting techniques, which frees up your culinary creativity.


A Handle With Traditional Roots

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross’s thick wenge wood handle provides a physical link to usefulness and heritage. In addition to having a knife in your hand, you also embrace the Celtic Cross’s spirit, which stands for togetherness, protection, and faith. The handle material improves Your grip and control, making every cooking work simple and fun.

An Unparalleled Culinary Friend

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross is excellent for various tasks, including deboning and chopping. You may confidently take on any culinary challenge thanks to its adaptability. This knife is your go-to kitchen friend, taking your gourmet creations to new heights, whether cooking meat, vegetables, or fowl.

Personalize Your Gastronomic Adventure

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross allows for customization, much as the intricate Celtic patterns that depict ancient tales. To make this knife truly yours, engrave your name or company logo on the blade. You can add a unique touch of personality to an already great kitchen gadget by using the free customizing option.

A Representation of Culinary Tradition

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross is more than just a cooking tool; it represents culinary ingenuity and heritage. With a net weight of 361g, it strikes the ideal mix between weight and agility, making cutting effective and fun.

Set Out on a Gastronomic Adventure

The Cleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross is more than just a cooking implement; it’s also an invitation to go on a culinary journey that honors the past while embracing the present. Its applications are as varied as your culinary imagination, giving you the freedom to produce meals that showcase your knowledge, enthusiasm, and love for the culinary arts.

Improve Your Culinary Work

Utilizing a cleaver knife When you hold an Irish Celtic Cross, your culinary creations go beyond simple dishes and become works of art and devotion. This blade captures the essence of the Celtic Cross, a design that has endured through the ages. Using this knife creates a culinary legacy that is as great as it is long-lasting.

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NameCleaver Knife Irish Celtic Cross 7-inch


Forged blade
Tang styleFull tang
Blade material4Cr13 stainless steel
Blade thickness2.5mm ultra thick
HandleSolid wenge wood
Size300*92mm, blade length:200mm
Net weight361g
Applicationdeboning, chopping meat, vegetable, poultry, etc.

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