Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel 7″ DC-073


Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel: Developing Precision Cutting Techniques

Improve Your Culinary Talents

I want to introduce you to our Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel, a real example of precise cutting. This knife, made with extreme care and meticulous attention to detail, will help you improve your cooking abilities. This Cleaver Knife is the ideal companion for slicing through tough meats, bones, and birds easily and delicately, whether you’re a professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook.

Release Carbon Steel’s Power

This Cleaver Knife’s blade is made of 4cr13mov carbon stainless steel, renowned for its remarkable sharpness, toughness, and corrosion resistance. Even the most difficult cutting operations may be handled because of the 5mm blade thickness. The blade extends through the whole handle because of the full tang construction, which provides great stability and balance.

Designed for Precision and Performance

The Cleaver Knife’s 26*6.2cm and 15.6cm blades perfectly mix portability and strength. You can slice through hefty slices of meat with the highest precision and control thanks to the red jewels’ curved handle’s elegant design and pleasant grip.

Exceptional Versatility Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel

This Cleaver Knife is a multipurpose instrument that excels at a range of cutting jobs rather than being a one-trick pony. This knife is a true workhorse in the kitchen, effortlessly slicing through large chunks of meat and cleanly chopping through bones and poultry. Both professional and household chefs depend on it because of its remarkable performance and dependability.

Overcome Any Culinary Obstacle

No culinary task is too great for our Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel. This knife will enable you to consistently produce flawless results, whether chopping up a whole chicken, making a substantial stew, or perfecting the art of Chinese stir-frying. No matter the task’s difficulty, you’ll sail through it thanks to its amazing cutting abilities.


Accurate Cutting, Superb Efficiency

Every little thing counts when cutting with precision. Each slice is clean, exact, and perfectly accomplished thanks to the Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel. Thanks to its razor-sharp edge and sturdy design, you can glide through even the thickest slices with no effort, saving you time and energy in the kitchen.


Superior to Others

Learn to enjoy using a Cleaver Knife that truly stands out from the competition. This knife will become crucial to your culinary arsenal because of its superb craftsmanship, excellent performance, and stylish style.

An Important Food Concept

Any kitchen needs a versatile cleaver knife, and our carbon steel cleaver knife fulfils that need admirably. Professional chefs and household cooks who take their culinary skills seriously use it because of its unmatched cutting capabilities.

A Masterpiece of Cutlery

The Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel is a work of art in cutlery, not just a simple kitchen tool. Each knife is painstakingly made to guarantee faultless function, making it a priceless addition to any collection of culinary enthusiasts.

A Lifetime Investment

Purchasing a premium Cleaver knife is an investment in a lifetime of outstanding cooking. Our Carbon Steel Cleaver Knife will remain reliable and sharp for years with the right upkeep, giving you the best cutting tool for all your culinary endeavours.

Unleash Your Creative Culinary Spirit

The proper equipment gives you the confidence to unleash your creative side in the kitchen. You are given the freedom to experiment with various cuisines and cooking methods thanks to the Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel.

Customize Your Gastronomic Adventure

At Di’Casteel, giving your culinary experience a personal touch is important. Because of this, we allow you to engrave a name or logo on your Cleaver Knife. It’s more than just a knife; it’s a testament to your skill and a record of your culinary adventure.

Adopt Precision Cutting as an Art

Please take advantage of our Cleaver Knife Carbon Steel to master the skill of precision cutting. Whether you’re a home cook or a professional chef, this knife is your ticket to great cooking. Utilize this superb culinary tool to maximize the enjoyment of cooking and make every slice count.

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Product Parameters
NameCleaver Knife Carbon Steel 7 With Leather Sheath
Blade Material 4cr13mov carbon stainless steel
Blade thickness 5mm
Tang style Full Tang
Size 26*6.2cm,blade length 15.6cm
Handle Red gems curved handle
Applications Thick Meat,bone,Poultry
Net weight 382g+88g