Classic Damascus Bread Knife DCVG-117


Keeping with the Past: The Traditional Damascus Bread Knife

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife by Di’Casteel is a timeless example of the craft of cutlery in culinary craftsmanship, where tradition and innovation coexist. This superb knife combines traditional methods with contemporary accuracy to create a cooking utensil that surpasses expectations and exudes elegance and usability in every slice.

Making the Craftsmanship Visible:

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife’s exceptional craftsmanship is at its core. The blade, comprised of 67 precisely stacked sheets of Damascus steel encasing a VG10 core, radiates a balance of power and grace. This blade achieves an unmatched level of durability thanks to a rigorous oil boiler Hoover treatment, guaranteeing its endurance and outstanding performance for years.

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife Perfected Precision

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife will provide you with the highest level of precision. With a core hardness rating of 60–62HRC, this blade effortlessly slices through even the crustiest loaves while consistently producing clean, accurate cuts. The blade’s V Taper Grinding process, which results in a precisely sharpened 15-degree angle on either side, is a testament to its fantastic sharpness level of 6-9N. This feat of engineering ensures an unmatched cutting experience that raises the bar for bread knives.

Enhancing Commonplace Moments:

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife improves regular encounters above and beyond its mechanical prowess. This knife is created to improve your culinary journey, offering lovely and accurate slices, whether you’re slicing delicate pastries or newly baked gourmet bread.


Aesthetic Symphony:

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife’s quality G10 handle is a seamless fusion of design and function. It is designed with ergonomic comfort and accuracy to provide a secure grip that makes slicing simple. With every motion, you can sense the harmonious balance that contributes to the knife’s overall elegance.

A Slight Identity Touch:

Personalization is the star when it comes to the Classic Damascus Bread Knife. This kitchen utensil may be made into a conversation piece by engraving your name or logo on the blade. As you put your passion into every slice, your identity as a chef assumes an entirely new dimension.

A Display of Excellence

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife is more than just a piece of equipment; it represents perfection. It demonstrates your dedication to quality and admiration for excellent craftsmanship by being presented in a sophisticated gift box. The packaging captures the distinction this knife offers to your kitchen, whether it’s a gift for a loved one or a pleasure for yourself.

Making Gastronomic Memories:

When you slice bread with the Classic Damascus Bread Knife, you create culinary memories rather than merely cutting bread. You enjoy moments of accuracy and creativity that enhance your eating experience and the experiences of those you share it with as you deftly slice through each loaf.

Tradition Respected, Innovation Celebrated:

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife is a tribute to traditional craftsmanship combined with cutting-edge innovation. It serves as a reminder that the craft of cutlery is an ongoing process that blends the past and present to produce an exquisite tool that goes above and beyond expectations and establishes a new benchmark for perfection.

Your Culinary Journey Continues:

The Classic Damascus Bread Knife extends your culinary adventure rather than just another kitchen tool. You can feel this outstanding blade’s seamless fusion of innovation and history in every slice and cut. Allow it to join you in the kitchen as you create unforgettable culinary experiences.

Making Culinary Memories:

Every slice prepared with the Classic Damascus Bread Knife is a culinary masterpiece. Precision and durability are guaranteed by the complex blade, which has a VG10 core and 67 layers of Damascus steel. Each cut becomes a seamless thrill thanks to the ergonomic comfort of the handle’s superior G10 material. Embrace quality and tradition.

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Item No.:DCVG-117
Name:Classic Damascus Bread Knife vg-10 steel custom serrated sharp 20cm
Blade Material:67 Layers Damascus steel VG10 Core,Oil Furnace Vacuum treatment
Core Hardness:60-62HRC
Sharpness Level:6-9N,V Taper Grinding
Edge:Each side 15 degrees angle,smooth cutting
Handle Material:premium G10
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Free Cost.
Packaging:Giftbox Included.

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