Chopping Forged Knife 7 inch DC-123


Forged Knife Mastery and Masterful Chopping: A Culinary Must

The Ideal Chopping Companion Will Free Your Culinary Creativity

The correct tools may elevate ordinary ingredients into works of art in culinary handicrafts. The Chopping Forged Knife inspires you to set out on a journey of culinary greatness by standing as a monument to accuracy and artistry. This knife is more than just a kitchen tool—it’s an extension of your culinary imagination. It was made with meticulous attention to detail and is designed for immaculate cutting.

Masterful Blade Work for Effortless Chopping

The outstanding blade of the Chopping Forged Knife, forged from premium 5Cr15 stainless steel, is the centrepiece of the product. It achieves the ideal combination between precision and durability with a 3mm blade thickness. Whether chopping meat, mincing herbs, or dicing vegetables, the blade smoothly completes each operation and consistently produces excellent results.

A Comfortable and Controllable Handle

Material handling is essential, particularly in the craft of chopping. The Pakka wood handle on the Chopping Forged Knife is aesthetically beautiful and practical. Because of its ergonomic design, you can keep control even over extended periods of chopping. The flawless fusion of form and function you’ll feel with each motion will improve your ability to chop.

Embrace Personalization to Strengthen Your Culinary Identity

Personalization is influential in the world of culinary arts. With the Chopping Forged Knife, you have the one-of-a-kind option of engraving your name or logo on the blade at no additional cost. This personalization makes this kitchen necessity reflect your culinary individuality and gives it a special touch. It demonstrates your dedication and passion for the culinary arts.

Optimal Performance through Precision-Measured Design

When it comes to chopping, size matters, and the Chopping Forged Knife is carefully crafted to provide the best results. This knife’s dimensions of 29.4*4.8cm and its 19cm blade length strike the ideal mix between adaptability and mobility. This knife rises to the challenge, demonstrating its precisely calculated design, whether you’re making massive cuts or complex chopping jobs.


Chopping Forged Knife a Kitchen Tool That Is Statement-Making

The Chopping Forged Knife is more than simply a kitchen tool; it makes a statement about food. Every aspect of this knife—from its flawless construction to its customizable engraving option—testifies to your devotion to the culinary arts. Whether you’re a skilled chef or a passionate home cook, this knife becomes an extension of your culinary skills and gives you a chance to shine at every chopping activity.

Exceptional Quality in Each Cut

Cutting is a dance of technique, accuracy, and flare rather than merely a job. The Chopping Forged Knife is your reliable partner in this culinary dance, providing uncompromised excellence in each cut. With its skillfully constructed blade, ergonomic grip, and customized touch, this knife takes your chopping game to new heights, enabling you to produce culinary marvels with finesse and style.

Designed for Culinary Experts

The Chopping Forged Knife is a work of art in and of itself for people who consider cooking to be an art form. Culinary experts’ exacting tastes are catered to by its precisely crafted features, which range from the handle’s ergonomic design to the blade’s flawless sharpness. It becomes a canvas to paint your culinary fantasies with personalized engraving.

Transforming, Chopping

Cutting ingredients is more than just a ritual; it’s a chance to show off your culinary skills. With the Chopping Forged Knife, this necessary chore is elevated to the level of an art form, with each cut representing a unique work of genius. This knife redefines how you approach chopping, making it a satisfying and enjoyable experience. It has a personalized touch and a blade that glides with ease.

Improve Your Mastery of Cooking

Culinary proficiency is characterized by precise chopping, and the Chopping Forged Knife allows you to improve your abilities. This knife guarantees that every chop is executed with finesse and accuracy, whether you’re preparing a gourmet feast or a straightforward family supper. With personalized engraving, each dish is marked with your touch and symbolises your culinary adventure.

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NameChopping Forged Knife 7 inch DC-123
Blade Material5Cr15 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood handle
Blade thickness3mm
PersonalizeEngrave name/logo Free cost
Size29.4*4.8cm, blade length:19cm
Net weight235g
PackageKraft box

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Weight1 kg