Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch DC-142


Unveiling the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch: Accuracy in Every Slice

The correct knife can unlock your full potential in the kitchen in culinary craftsmanship. The Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch is made to be your dependable assistant and will provide you with the power and accuracy you need to succeed in your culinary endeavors. This knife is a monument to the art of cooking and innovation with a combination of premium materials, customizable engraving possibilities, and small size.

Craftsmanship: The Blade’s Composition

Its main structural component is the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch well-made 5cr15mov stainless steel blade. This high-end substance boasts outstanding toughness, longevity, and corrosion resistance. The 5.0mm thickness exudes durability, making it the ideal instrument for various chopping chores. With a hardness of 60+/-2HRC, it maintains its edge over time and enables you to make consistent, accurate cuts.

Unmatched Sharpness: The Angle of the Edge

The sharpness of the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch is one of its distinguishing qualities. The blade has a 15-degree slant on either side and a well-polished edge for quickly cutting through food. This level of sharpness improves the efficiency with which you can perform your shopping activities and the overall presentation and flavor of your culinary creations.


The Wenge Wood Handle strikes a balance between form and function.

The Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch is notable for its wenge wood handle and fantastic blade. Wenge wood, prized for its strength and natural beauty, lends the knife’s design a refined touch. More than just a decorative feature, the ergonomic handle’s design guarantees a comfortable grip and optimal control, enabling you to carry out your chopping motions with assurance and accuracy.

An Owner’s Signature: Personalised Engravings

The Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch allows engraving your name or logo on the blade to make it your own honestly. Adding a personal touch makes the knife feel more like your own while also being a distinctive representation of your culinary adventure. You leave your mark on the food you create with each chop, displaying your commitment to your art.

Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch  The Ideal Dining Partner: Small Size

While certain kitchen appliances are made for particular jobs, the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch is a multipurpose addition to your kitchenware. Its small size (12.5*6.4CM) makes it perfect for cutting and chopping tasks. Whether chopping meats, slicing vegetables, or mincing herbs, this knife does each job accurately and efficiently.

A Package of Excellence: Making a Good First Impression

A Kraft box is used to package the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch , lending the experience a touch of class and sophistication. This focus on presentation reflects the passion for craftsmanship that goes into making each knife. Whether buying this knife for your use or as a gift for a friend who enjoys cooking, the packaging gives the unboxing process a touch of elegance.

Improve Your Cooking Skills with a Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch.

You hold more than a simple kitchen tool when you hold the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch ; you have a doorway to culinary greatness. The union of premium components, exact engineering, and unique engravings produce a knife that encompasses both form and function. This knife allows you to improve your culinary masterpieces and demonstrate your love for the culinary arts, whether you’re a professional chef or a home cook.

A Cut Above the Rest: Bring Out Your Creative Side in the Kitchen

With the Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch , every slice, chop, and cut is an opportunity to demonstrate your culinary ingenuity. Your creativity will be sparked by its superb blade, comfortable grip, and custom engravings as you experiment with different flavors and ingredients to produce recipes that genuinely reflect your flair. This knife is more than simply a piece of equipment; it demonstrates your love of cooking and commitment to providing outstanding dining experiences.

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Product Description
Item No.: DC-142
Name:Chopping Cleaver Knife 5 inch
Blade Material: 5cr15mov
Blade size:Blade size:12.5*6.4CM,Thickness 5.0MM
Sharpness Level:15o degree angle per side
Handle Material: Wenge wood5cr15mov
Personalize:Engrave Name/Logo Includes

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