Chinese Cleaver Knife 8′ DC-125


The Chinese Cleaver Knife: A Precision Masterpiece

Exposing the Chinese Cleaver Knife’s Artistry

The Chinese Cleaver Knife is a weapon of unsurpassed significance in culinary knowledge. This adaptable work of art culminates many years of tradition, accuracy, and craftsmanship. The Chinese Cleaver Knife is a testimony to the culinary arts because of its superb design and flawless performance.

Chinese Cleaver Knife a Perfectly Crafted Blade

The extraordinary blade of the Chinese Cleaver Knife, painstakingly forged from 5Cr15 stainless steel, is at the knife’s heart. This material selection balances toughness and sharpness, enabling you to complete various culinary duties efficiently. The knife’s 3mm blade thickness demonstrates its durability, and its razor-sharp edge ensures accuracy in every cut.

Honoring Custom, Advancing Technique

The Chinese Cleaver Knife’s handle perfectly exemplifies modernity and tradition. Its Pakka wood construction and ergonomic design guarantee a comfortable grip, allowing you to perform complex dicing, chopping, and slicing methods with deftness. The blend of traditional and modern design features enhances your culinary skill.

Individualization: A Slight Touch of Uniqueness

Your gastronomic journey gains character via the art of personalization. Engrave your name or company logo on the blade—this feature is included in the cost. The addition of a personal touch not only makes the knife more attractive visually but also makes it a distinctive extension of your culinary character, making all of your culinary undertakings one-of-a-kind.

The Ideal Parameters for Culinary Mastery

The Chinese Cleaver Knife provides a wide-open palette for culinary creativity with dimensions of 31.3*9.5cm and a blade length of 20cm. Because of its enormous size, you can handle thick portions of meat, delicate veggies, and anything in between. Whether you’re making traditional Chinese dishes or experimenting with other cuisines, this knife is up to the task.


A Weighed Power Balance

The Chinese Cleaver Knife, which weighs 623g, reaches the ideal harmony between heaviness and control. Because of the carefully adjusted weight distribution, you can move around quickly, which helps you make exact cuts with assurance. The knife’s weight enhances the cooking experience, whether mincing, chopping, or tenderizing.

The Kraft Box Package: Defending Excellence

The best defence should be provided for a knife of this level. Your cooking partner is kept safe and secure as the Chinese Cleaver Knife is delivered in carefully crafted Kraft box packing. This package protects the knife and gives your kitchen tools a touch of refinement.

Creating Glamourous Cuisine

The Chinese Cleaver Knife is a conduit for culinary excellence rather than just a simple tool. The combination of its personalized engraving, Pakka wood handle, and precisely manufactured blade results in a stylish and functional object. Whether you’re a skilled home cook or a professional chef, this knife allows you to create dishes that perfectly encapsulate culinary brilliance.

Innovation and Tradition

The Chinese Cleaver Knife, inspired by time-honoured Chinese cooking customs, artfully blends traditional style with cutting-edge technology. Its Pakka wood handle and stainless steel blade are evidence of the seamless blending of tradition and technology, creating a weapon that honours the past while embracing the future.

Advancing Your Gastronomic Journey

The Chinese Cleaver Knife isn’t simply a necessary piece of kitchen equipment; it’s also a culinary partner that improves your cooking abilities. This knife turns common materials into unique dishes, making scrumptious stir-fries or finely slicing fragrant herbs. With each slice you make, you will be impressed with the knife’s balance, accuracy, and artistic touch.

Versatility’s Essential Qualities

The Chinese Cleaver Knife is adaptable, blending with many cooking methods and fashions. Its broad blade excels at various jobs, from fine mincing to robust chopping. This knife is your dependable travelling companion whether you’re making complex dim sum or a substantial stew.

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NameChinese Cleaver Knife 8 inch
Blade Material5Cr15 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka wood handle
Blade thickness3mm
PersonalizeEngrave Name/Logo includes on the price
Size31.3*9.5cm, blade length:20cm
Net weight623g
PackageKraft box

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Weight1 kg