Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life DC-132


Take the Chef Knife on Culinary Adventures: Wolf and Tree of Life

Learn about the Magic of Culinary

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life symbolize excellence in culinary inquiry, where accuracy meets passion. This knife represents craftsmanship, symbolism, and personalization and is a valuable culinary tool. Join us as we explore the rich details, design, and deep significance of the Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life, revealing its enchanted universe.

Beyond Measure Personalization: Your Name, Your Identity

Imagine having a knife that carries your legacy and its own. You can engrave your name or company logo on the blade of the Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life, representing your identity and skill as a chef. Every slice becomes an extension of your knowledge and a sincere testament to your devotion to the culinary craft.

Design Strength: Full Tang Construction

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life are made with a complete tang construction for strength and longevity. The blade is extended the whole length of the handle thanks to this clever design, which offers the best stability and balance. The complete tang design gives you unwavering control, whether deftly creating fine cuts or working with robust materials.

Blade made of stainless steel (1.4116): The Essence of Excellence

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life’s blade is made of high-quality 1.4116 stainless steel. This blade material, renowned for its flawless corrosion resistance and edge retention blend, ensures that your culinary partner stays consistently sharp and reliable. The blade’s 2mm thickness provides a seamless combination of strength and delicacy.

A Textured Work of Art: The Hammer Finished Blade

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life is a beautiful piece of art in addition to its practical use. The blade has an alluring hammer-polished texture that goes beyond plain usefulness. The knife is elevated by the creative addition, becoming a statement item that upscales your kitchen and generates discussion among foodies.

Size and weight are two dimensions that resonate.

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life exemplify a beautiful balance between size and agility. The knife’s dimensions of 32.5*4.5cm and 19cm for the blade length provide enough room for precise cuts while being maneuverable in your palm. It hits the optimum mix between bulk and maneuverability with a net weight of about 257g.


Unleash Your Creativity: Applications in Culinary

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life break the constraints of traditional culinary tools. Its versatility is evident as it effortlessly switches between slicing meat, chopping vegetables, and deboning. You feel a balanced combination of strength, accuracy, and adaptability with every work, which is a manifestation of the knife’s superb craftsmanship.

The wooden handle is a salute to nature.

Every cook looks for a way to feel a connection to their work, and the Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life  provide just that. The handle becomes an extension of your hand thanks to careful design for comfort and control, boosting your culinary finesse. You are utilizing an instrument that resonates with the spirit of nature and the craft of cooking with each slice, not just a knife.

Improve Your Craftsmanship in the Kitchen

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life lend an air of refinement to your culinary endeavors, regardless of whether you’re an experienced chef or a novice cook. Its elegant design perfectly captures your commitment to culinary excellence and your passion for the culinary arts, as does the captivating hammer polished blade and the availability of personalized engraving.

Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life Your Culinary Companion

The Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life is your dependable ally in the ever-changing world of culinary exploration. It’s more than just a knife thanks to its complete tang design, quality stainless steel blade, and customizable engraving option; it’s an extension of your culinary character. You create experiences that reflect your knowledge, style, and appreciation for the culinary arts when you have the Chef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life in your hands.

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NameChef Knife Wolf and Tree of Life  8 inch
PersonalizeEngrave Name/Logo Includes
Tang styleFull tang
Blade material1.4116 stainless steel
Blade thickness2mm
Blade finishedHammer finished
Size32.5*4.5cm, length of blade: 19cm
Net weightAbout 257g
Applicationslicing meat, chopping , deboning etc.

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