Carbon Santoku Knife 8′ DC-130


The Carbon Santoku Knife Will Help You Unleash Your Inner Chef

Improve Your Cooking Skills by Using a Carbon Santoku Knife

Introducing the Santoku Knife, a symbol of innovation and culinary skill. This knife is more than simply a piece of equipment; it opens the door to unique culinary experiences, artistry, and precision.

The Carbon Santoku Knife: Mastering Culinary Precision

The Carbon Santoku Knife is made with precision and has a carbon 3Cr13 stainless steel blade. This unique mix ensures an edge that is durable, dependable, and sharp, making it a true workhorse in the kitchen. You can handle any cutting work quickly and precisely because of the 4mm blade thickness.

The Carbon Santoku Knife an Honorable Handle

The Santoku Knife’s handle is a tribute to its practicality and beauty. It is made from opulent Pakka Wood and gives a comfortable grip that improves your control over the movement of the knife. You can confidently chop, slice, and dice thanks to the knife’s complete tang construction, which further strengthens the solidity of the tool.

Introducing the Carbon Black Steel Design

The Santoku Knife performs admirably and draws attention with its eye-catching blade shape. The Black Steel Carbon finish highlights the knife’s bold and cutting-edge features while adding a touch of refinement to your kitchen.


A Tool with Precision and Versatility

The Carbon Santoku Knife is an ideal representation of adaptability. Because of its blade shape and complete tang construction, you can easily glide through various materials. This knife is your go-to kitchen tool for anything from delicate vegetable cuts to exact meat slicing.

A Powerful and Elegant Symphony

Pakka Wood and Carbon 3Cr13 stainless steel combine to produce a beautiful blend of power and grace. The Carbon Santoku Knife is a work of art that elevates your culinary pursuits above the simple role of a tool.

Improve Your Cooking Experience

When you have a Carbon Santoku Knife, cooking becomes an entirely different experience. The blade’s outstanding sharpness and toughness let you easily carry out even the most difficult manoeuvres. Whether you’re a skilled professional chef or an enthusiastic home cook, this knife allows you to push the limits of your culinary imagination.

Designed for Food Visionaries

The Carbon Santoku Knife is a tool for culinary dreamers rather than just necessary kitchen equipment. Thanks to its intelligent design and excellent craftsmanship, you can realise your culinary ambitions. This knife is your companion in innovation, whether you’re trying out novel recipes or honing your signature meals.

Your Gastronomic Canvas Is Waiting

A cook uses a knife in the same way as a painter uses a brush. Your canvas is the kitchen, and your brush is the Carbon Santoku Knife. You create a culinary masterpiece with each slice, chop, and cut. Make this knife your tool for creating culinary art.

Unwavering Style and Quality

The Carbon Santoku Knife is a testament to unwavering quality and classic design. Thanks to its flawless design, dependable performance, and enticing aesthetics, it stands out in any kitchen. Use a tool that is as exceptional as your culinary masterpieces to improve your cooking experience.

The Precision of Culinary Art

The Carbon Santoku Knife is your key to unlocking precision, the foundation of superb cuisine. With its Pakka Wood handle and Carbon 3Cr13 stainless steel blade, you can be confident that every cut will showcase your culinary skill. Improve your abilities, value accuracy, and let the Carbon Santoku Knife be your companion on a voyage of culinary perfection.

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Product Parameters
NameCarbon Santoku Knife 8′ DC-130
Blade MaterialCarbon 3Cr13 stainless steel
Handle materialPakka Wood
Blade thickness4mm
Tang styleFull tang
Net weight275g
Blade designBlack Steel Carbon

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