Butcher Knife 7-Inch DC-140


The Butcher Knife 7-Inch: The Precision of Culinary Mastery

A knife is more than simply a tool in culinary expertise; it’s an extension of your abilities, a doorway to your imagination, and the secret to mastering the art of cooking. The Butcher Knife 7-Inch is painstakingly made to encapsulate these ideas, giving a blend of flawless design, first-rate materials, and unique engravings that raise your culinary experience to new heights.

Detail-Oriented Craftsmanship: The Blade’s Construction

The blade at the center of the Butcher Knife 7-Inch redefines accuracy and adaptability. This knife’s 16-centimeter edge and 5.0mm thickness make it versatile enough to handle various culinary duties. The blade was expertly crafted with great care, and it has a hardness of 60+/-2HRC, which guarantees that it will keep its edge and perform to a high standard over time.

Unmatched Sharpness: The Angle of the Edge

The Butcher Knife 7-Inch’s unmatched sharpness is one of its distinguishing features. The blade is sharpened to a 15-degree angle on each side, which allows it to slice through food precisely and gracefully. This sharpness improves your ability to cut while enhancing your food’s overall appearance and texture.

An Elegant Touch: The Wenge Wood Handle

In addition to its superb blade, the Butcher Knife 7-Inch has a wenge wood handle renowned for its outstanding aesthetic appeal and strength. Thanks to the ergonomic handle’s sturdy and pleasant grip, you can hold the knife with confidence and control. This harmonious fusion of form and function emphasizes the knife’s dedication to delivering the best cooking experience.

Precision Personalization: Engraved Name/Logo

The Butcher Knife 7-Inch provides a unique touch in addition to usefulness. You can personalize the knife by engraving your name or company logo on the blade. This unique element makes the knife feel more like yours and represents your culinary style. You are leaving your stamp on the cooking world with each use.

Presentation Elevation: Kraftbox Packaging

The Butcher Knife 7-Inch is more than just a kitchen appliance; it’s an adventure. The knife is presented in an elegant and sophisticated Kraftbox to go with its remarkable craftsmanship. The packaging enhances the overall experience, making the unboxing as unique as the knife itself, whether adding this knife to your collection or giving it to a friend who enjoys cooking.

Take Advantage of the 7-Inch Size’s Versatility.

The 7-inch size of the Butcher Knife ensures that you are prepared to manage various culinary jobs because it was made to adapt to different cutting needs. This knife becomes an extension of your culinary inventiveness, whether slicing meat or chopping veggies. You can execute each cut with finesse because of its tiny size, which creates a balance between precision and control.


Discover the World of Culinary Creativity!

You are invited to explore the enormous realm of culinary innovation with the Butcher Knife 7-Inch. This knife is more than simply a kitchen tool thanks to its superb blade, comfortable grip, and custom engravings; it is a vehicle for creativity and a blank canvas for your culinary goals. Every chop, slice, and cut is an opportunity for you to demonstrate your abilities and share your love of cooking.

The Butcher Knife 7-Inch: Discover Culinary Excellence

You’re not simply buying a knife when you buy the Butcher Knife 7-Inch; you’re buying a tool for fine dining. This knife is a testament to talent, skill, and the love of food. The Butcher Knife 7-Inch allows you to improve your cuisine, accentuate your flavors, and produce unforgettable dining experiences that highlight your culinary prowess, whether you’re a seasoned chef or an enthusiastic home cook.

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Item No.:Butcher Knife 7-Inch DC-140
Name:Butcher Knife
Blade Material:5cr15mov
Blade size:Blade size:CM 16, Thickness 5.0 MM
Sharpness Level:15o degree angle per side
Handle Material:Wenge Wood
PersonalizeEngrave Name/Logo Free cost  

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