Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar DC-008


Aztec Calendar: Butcher Knife: Unleash Culinary Artistry

With the Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar, you can turn your kitchen into a canvas for showcasing cultural and culinary expression. This exquisitely carved knife embodies the essence of the ancient Aztec civilization in a contemporary culinary tool by fusing practicality and aesthetics.

Excellent Design and Craftsmanship

The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar, with a premium 5Cr15 stainless steel blade, will elevate your culinary endeavors. The hand-forged and hammer-finished blade design guarantees excellent sharpness and toughness, lending a touch of historical appeal.

Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar Use Full Tang Construction to Honor Tradition

The complete tang construction demonstrates the strength and durability of this knife. The full tang design guarantees that your knife will remain a dependable friend for years because there is no soldering to compromise the blade’s integrity.

The Art of Personalization Revealed

By adding an engraving of your name or company logo, you can make the Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar truly yours. What’s best? This personalization is offered to you without additional cost, demonstrating our dedication to providing you with a unique culinary experience.

Combining beauty and functionality

The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar’s 3mm thick blade, which was expertly crafted, strikes a balance between precise cutting and adaptable chopping. This knife’s versatility, which meshes perfectly with its elegant appearance, allows it to be used for mincing herbs and slicing meat.


Taking the Package Out

The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar arrives in beautiful kraft packaging as evidence of careful attention to detail. The packaging makes the knife look more appealing and assures that it will be safe until it is placed in your kitchen.

The Value of Top-Notch Materials

The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar’s blade is made of excellent 5Cr15 stainless steel, renowned for its rust- and corrosion-resistant qualities. Its capacity to maintain sharpness over time ensures a constant and dependable performance.

Complete Tang Integration’s Power

Unlike knives with soldered handles, the Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar’s complete tang construction guarantees a strong and long-lasting connection between the blade and the handle. This design decision avoids the possibility of a damaged handle, improving longevity and safety.

Flexibility in Food Creation

Utilize a knife made for numerous applications in the kitchen to unleash your creativity. The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar is excellent for chopping, mincing, shredding, and slicing various foods. Its versatility gives you the freedom to discover new culinary frontiers.

The handle combines form and function.

The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar’s handle is made from authentic wenge wood and expertly constructed for a secure grip. The handle, supported by three copper rivets, embodies form and function and guarantees accurate control over each cut.

Critical Criteria for Outstanding Culinary Performance

The Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar achieves the ideal mix between maneuverability and coverage, with a blade length of 7.7 inches and a width of 2.48 inches at its widest point. The blade’s 2.8mm thickness ensures durability without sacrificing accuracy. The knife’s balance and utility are further improved by its 319g net weight. In conclusion, the Butcher Knife Aztec Calendar goes beyond simple cooking implements and invites you to accept both the gastronomic and historical value it possesses. This knife’s careful and exact construction perfectly blends form and function, taking you on a culinary adventure that is in keeping with the spirit of the Aztec civilization. Make it uniquely yours by adding your touches, and your cooking abilities will soar. This knife is a tribute to culinary expertise and an embodiment of both the past and the present, thanks to its exquisite design, top-quality materials, and adaptability.

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NameButcher Knife Aztec Calendar 7.5 inch
Blade material5Cr15 high quality stainless steel
Handle materialWenge
Blade finishedHand forged, hammer finished
Tang styleFull tang
Blade thickness3mm
PersonalizeWe can engrave your name or logo on the knife

*Free cost


Kraft box

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Weight1 kg